“They manufacture the poverty, secure the institutionalized poverty infrastructure, build the projects, make cu-tooppiasure guns & drugs make it into the hood & then felonize & limit the life opportunities the victims their race based mass duplicity terrorize. White police must always be seen as terrorists who threaten you because of race to legally justify protecting ourselves from them by any means necessary.” NSFSN Counter Terrorism Minister Malachi Louis.

“They put the cocaine in our communities, yet have a fake war on drugs. They can find the niggers and the wetbacks smoking and selling on the street corners but they can’t stop the boats and the planes. Read More

upmn-2r3c-aADC Black Foot Soldiers Eric Sheppard #FUCKTHEFLAG Tribute! MESSAGE TO WHITE AMERICA: Our boots is made for walking. That’s just what they do. July 4th our boots are gonna walk all over you! #FUCKJULY4TH! #WHITEAMERICAISRACECRIMINAL!

“Whites can’t be scalped enough, set on fire enough, lynched enough, dismembered enough or tortured enough in anyway to satify my appetite,” says Divine Racial Karma “anything done to them at the hands of people of color is in accordance w/bounty universe placed on heads for their unrestituted for race crimes.” What should you do if you are chosen by Divine Racial Karma as Vessel of Retribution against whties?


Ask Ezell Ford, Erick Garne & Michael Smith: “Whites with badges & guns are State commissioned racial terrorists masquerading as representives of the law. Always be ready to protect & defend your family & yourself against white police terrorism.” – NBFSN