1. Rainee said:

    My prayers are PROUDLY offered for Officer Kevin Schieler and all of his brothers in uniform. You and all of your cohorts should be ashamed of yourself. For your failings as a human being you charge innocent people with racism. If he took a bullet for one of your “foot soldiers” would he be racist then?? Office Schieler puts his life on the line every day protecting the rights this country affords scum like you. Put yourself in his shoes for one day and then do your preaching!! You wouldn't though, because you are the most vile kind of coward the human race produces. When you get to the gates of heaven and Jesus asks why you deserve to be seated next to honorable men like Officer Scheiler, you will be speechless!! For every word of hate you speak there will be 100,000 words of love written for Office Schieler!!

  2. Anonymous said:

    shame he didn't get off a round into that piece of shits head first.

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