Racist Johnson County Sheriff’s Regime Terrorist Clifton Taylor Dead In Reported Spectacular Shootout; Texas Black Foot Soldiers Issue Statement Declaring "State’s Black Citizens Safer With Suspected State Commissioned Racial Terrorist Dead," Reportedly Prepare "FUCK CLIFTON TAYLOR" Funeral Protest Celebration

According to sources, Texas Black Foot Soldiers have issued a unified statement expressing relief that a thirty one year old Racist Johnson County Police Regime Terrorist is dead and no longer has the ability to racially profile the historically racist state’s African American citizens.

“Our people live in fear behind these State Commissioned Racial Terrorists who masquerade as bearers of the law,” controversial Dallas Black Foot Soldier Elijah Hays is reported as saying. “We must celebrate the fall of any aspect of the terrorism our  people face. Particularly white police terror.”

It is being reported that news of  suspected racial terrorist’s death brought relief and was well received by Soldiers around the state. According to Hays, efforts are being made to coordinate a statewide “Fuck Clifton Taylor” Protest Celebration for the day of the funeral.


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