Racist Los Banos Police Regime Terrorist Jessie Freeman Thrown From Motorcycle In SENSATIONAL Accident; "Our people & our Hispanic brothers & sisters are better off with this suspected racial terrorist dead. We are thankful for the terrible accident that took his life. Fuck Jessie Freeman," Merced County Black Foot Soldiers

  1. Anonymous said:

    You are sick and twisted!the men
    and women who are protecting and serving here are not worried about your f***ing skin color you idiot!!! One day you will get what you deserve and to be truthful I hope it is a white police officer who gets to do it. Nickieys rite ur parents should be ashamed to have even given birth to you. You know that saddest part of it all is that when its u introuble on the streets these officers still have to help ur disgusting nasty a**! Officer Freeman and officer Leao
    helped me to keep my son out of a bad situation and kept me safe I AM VERY THANKFUL FOR HIM!!!! To the friends and family of Officer Jesse Freeman I am truley sorry if you had to even glance at this page…my prayers are still with you guys as the holidays approach.

  2. Anonymous said:

    U are a waist of my good air… are u black? im sure u are black or mexican right? my brother is fighting over seas for ur sick ass to sit here and make a remark like this about someone who has sacrificed his life for ur sick ass to be so hateful…as a “WHITE” women whos father owns a GUN..Legally!!!!! as i am sure u do too however im sure its not legal… who the fuck do u think u are coming on here making a statement about white people being racists piece of shit? it looks as tho the only racist ones left out there are “the black foot soldiers and mexicans!!!!! u will get ur judgement day!!! and i hope ur sad lazy ass rotts in hell!!!! im sure u r a convicted felon whom sells drugs with kids that u dnt give a shit about? get a life find a job or u can go back to mexico or whatever country will take ur sorry ass! i am sick of working and my family who are upstanding citizens in this courty to have some other race get on the e-net an talk like this about us!! God Bless the WHITE families!!!! We have been stupid enough to allow these sick fucks in our country to destroy it the way they have!!!!! You r welcome for the FREEDOM to do such a thing!!! God bless the WHITES who made this country what it is today!!!!! LOVE my fellow white people!!! Terrist? y dnt u go fight the real terrist and help keep America a free country not try and kill ur own people!!! Go educated urself cuz u look like a FAGGOT on here with nothing better to do!!!!! FUCK OFF!!!

  3. Anonymous said:

    Why give any authority to such disturb thinking you all are eating the shit served to you by theses sick racist people keep watching fox news

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