1. Chris Hill said:

    Gee…. 2 niggers, 1 whiteboy.

    More chicken shit antics from the cowardly negro plague.

    At least they picked on a man approximately their own age, and not an old lady or a 16 year old girl. Brave mother fuckers.

    I guess we just have to except it as another 2-for-1 trade, and move on.

  2. RAPTOR said:

    “He studied 18 hours a day. He was a straight-A student. He was a page last summer with the Arizona state Legislature,” Daniel Marco, Zachary's father – a bankruptcy, personal-injury and criminal defense attorney, is reported as saying

    Dear dad, if so, the only reason Marco's dead today is cos u failed to teach him true love and in you he saw more of the embrace of white capitalism than the universal virtue of loving thy neighbor.

  3. amistadsrevenge said:

    @ “What they failed to understand is that by killing my son, the black community lost someone who would have been, one of their greatest advocates. Zachary, when it came to judging others, was absolutely color blind; he judged people on their drive, motivation, whether they tried to be their best. He was studying philosophy and concluded that only acts in furtherance of the greater good were acts worth making, and if someone did things that were not in the interest of the greater good, he did not waste his time with them. He grew up watching his father and grandfather, and uncles and cousins, fight for the civil rights and due process rights of all Americans, no matter race, creed, color or economic wealth. We represented poor people and for the most part, we tried to make a difference; Zachary would have made a difference.”

    “We'll help you our way,” typical liberal white supremacist narcissism.

  4. Aloysius Read said:

    Zachary's surname 'Marco' is Spanish. Our people get Spanish people mixed up with Mexican people and think the former are members in the family of the people of color when they're not. They are whites. That's why he was one of these modern day liberal whites who think their way of help is right as opposed to their pretencious republican counterparts who say: help yourselves…

    LOL them all!

  5. Anonymous said:

    Marco is actually Latin, not spanish. ironically being derived from Mars, the god of war… this website is a spawning ground for hate speech on both sides of the argument. these 2 will die in prison, because of the hate you preach. congrats, you sent two of your own “soldiers” to an early grave.

    “Dear dad, if so, the only reason Marco's dead today is cos u failed to teach him true love and in you he saw more of the embrace of white capitalism than the universal virtue of loving thy neighbor.” – So shooting your neighbor is love? You are truly ignorant. If these 2 shot a man because he presumably hurt their feelings, then it is theirs fathers who failed them. You preach “love thy neighbor” as if it's scripture, how's about THOU SHALT NOT KILL!

  6. snakeyoungblood said:

    > So shooting your neighbor is love?

    What part of:
    >“The denial of Trans Atlantic Slave Trade reparations is white supremacist, racial terrorism we have the right to defend ourselves against,” Maricopa County Black Foot Soldier Geronimo Adanandus is quoted as saying in a statement released today after the illegal arrest of the two protesters. “Today we can only be thankful reparations offender Zachary Marco can not continue to assault our people with his narcissistic racial terrorism.” did you miss?

    But for dummies, we have the right to defend ourselves when attacked with white supremacist reparations denial by self serving liberals like Marco.

    In short it was self defense and while our brothers are suffering now, we know that all who suffer for doing what's right will be greatly rewarded with virgins in heaven.

    Fuck you and Marco

  7. Anonymous said:

    This had nothing to do with “Loving thy neighbor” or “reparations”. It was petty theft gone wrong. Justifying it only means you are justifying the wanton theft and murder of innocent life. Ancestors of Ancestors of Ancestors cannot be held responsible for YOUR current plight. You are no longer slaves. You want reparations? Demand them from the Dutch… they started the vile trade business, and demand it from you African brothers who sold your Ancestors to them. Punishing people now for something that we have no earthly control over 500 years ago… INFUCKINGSANE. You might as well try selling ice to Eskimo's.

    How's this… we can book you all a trip BACK, this time first class carnival cruise. All you can eat buffet, shuffleboard, pool, dancing. Then you can debark in Africa, the motherland and be free… it's what you really want right? You were ripped from your land? Why not go back? Because you'd never fucking make it…

  8. Aarron Malik Gershwin said:

    I can only imagine Zach thought the same things and, likewise, thought he was justifiable excused because of it.

    Do me a favor, ask him if he still feels the same way now.

    Anxious to hear what he has to say.

    Aarron Malik Gershwin

  9. Dawud Gerschelis said:

    @ Punishing people now for something that we have no earthly control over 500 years ago… INFUCKINGSANE.

    “I will visit the sins of father on the heads of their sons”
    ◄ Exodus 20:5 ►

    I'm anxious to hear what Zach has to say now too!

  10. Anonymous said:

    I knew Zachary Marco. Ive known his family since I was in third grade. How dare you say these things about him. He died because two thugs wanted drug money, so they shot him and took his laptop and cell phone. He was an incredible person, who was going somewhere. Which none of you are. He was killed for a pointless reason. People that kill like this are sick and deserve to die a long excrutiating death. Which these boys who did this will die and rot like pieces of shit that they are. They were not heroes like some of you say. What is wrong with all of you

    R.I.P Zachary Marco
    You will forever be missed.

  11. When are we going to start eliminating these Niggers off the face of the earth? Niggers are more like apes than humans, they need to be exterminated and perhaps leave a few to display in zoos with the other apes which are actually of a higher evolutionary tree than these niggers

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