(BREAKING) Racist El Cajon Police Regime Terrorist Jared Slocum Gets It In The Neck; "We Hope This Devil Who Disguised Himself As A Representative Of The Law Will Never Have Opportunity To Terrorize Our Citizens Again. We Hope The Worst For Him," San Diego County Black Foot Soldiers Hold Slocum Anti Recovery Vigil

San Diego County Black Foot Soldiers pleas for all to join in their prayers, offerings and meditations for racist El Cajon police regime terrorist Jared Slocum not to recover are, reportedly, being heard and acknowledged around the state as Soldiers from as far away as Los-Angeles and San Francisco are said to have joined the ongoing vigil.

“We recognize whites who wear badges, carry guns and call themselves the law as state commissioned racial terrorists,” Los Angeles Black Foot Soldier Augustus Dubois is reported as saying. “Our communities and people are safer without them. If this devil who disguised himself as a bearer of the law dies or is at the least permanently injured we can only see it as a blessing.”

Reportedly, in a savage White On White (WOW) Crime, Slocum was shot in the and is said to be in serious but stable condition.


To ensure Slocum’s death or permanent injury, according to unconfirmed sorces, state Black Foot Soldiers have asked California Penitentiary Islam elders to perform the Final Cup Of Water ritual against Slocum. The ritual summons the body of lead elders together to drink a “final” cup of water for a said person and then violently spit it out. Many believe it was responsible for the death of suspected “Nigger Word Thinker” and reparations offender Chris Kernich.

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