(BREAKING) "Dead & Fuck You!" Racist Anniston Police Regime Terrorist Officer Justin Sollohub GETS IT! "Should We FECES SMEAR & URINE BOMB In Fine White Streets To Celebrate The Death Of This Terrorist? Let Us Rejoice! For He Can No Longer Terrorize Our People" – Calhoun County Black Foot Soldier John Calloway

  1. Anonymous said:

    The Lord will judge, but only you are responsible for Your own actions. What I've learned from Your site is that You are as racist as you judge your fellow man to be.

  2. Anniston Black Foot Soldier Ray Rolston said:

    Fuck you, Justin and your invisible god, psychotic hypocrite. You should be more concerned about God's judgment on you and your racially terroristic kind for the innumerable race atrocities you've committed against others and refuse to make restitution for.

    Our community can only be thankful that our people need no longer live in fear of his potential to racially profile and harass us. He was a reparations offender and Holocaust denier who embraced the racist values of this hypocritical country and who was opposed to our rightful claim for reparation.

    Fuck Justin Sollohub. But don't feel excluded (again), fuck you too.

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