The Ethan Nichols & Carissa Horton Reparations Protest At Hicks Park; Darren Price & Jerard Davis Hailed As Courage-ous Heroes In Daring Reparations Protest Against Flagrant Reparations Offenders Believed To Turn Protest Violent

According to unconfirmed Tulsa Black Foot Soldier sources who had allegedly seen reparations offenders Ethan Nichols & Carissa Horton walking in Hicks Park before, they were the kind of reparations offenders who enjoyed flaunting the carelessness of their lives despite not having made any attempts to make up for their forefathers’ atrocities against the city’s black residents.

Leading Tulsa Black Foot Soldiers are condemning the arrest of reparations protesters Darren Price & Jerard Davis who they believe identified themselves as peaceful reparations protesters and were confronted with epithets and violence by the offenders and, subsequently, were then forced to defend themselves.

“She was frequently seen flinging her hair about to non verbally communi-cate that being white was better? He was seen slightly elevating his nose to communicate the same thing?”

Leading Tulsa Black Foot Soldiers have also issued condemnation for those who are commemorating the  lives of  Nichols and Horton. “They are the kind of whites we hate because they don’t recognize themselves as generational racial criminals,” says Tulsa Soldier Ford Rowland. “They are the kind of whites who think they are not responsible for the atrocities of their forefathers against us and the manipulation of their government to deny us restitution for those atrocities. For them to then go out into the parks and other public places and flaunt their disregard of our struggle in our people’s faces is completely unacceptable.”

  1. And these niggers will wind up like Lemaricus . Strapped to a table and KILLED.

    Only GOOD nigger is a dead one.

  2. Chris Hill said:

    I notice a recurring theme in all of your reparation protests…. the lack of a fair fight. The whites are either elderly, outnumbered, or female.

    Is that because for all of your tough talk, you niggers are just a bunch of fucking cowards? Yes, I believe it is.


  3. I notice a recurring theme in all of your reparation protests…. the lack of a fair fight. The whites are either elderly, outnumbered, or female.

    It's amazing that, after hundreds of years of fighting us and others unfairly, you think you deserve a “fair fight.”

    Yusef Douglas
    NBFSN publisher

  4. jihadamen said:

    Let us never forget than Ethan and Carissa were generational race criminals who had the chance to do what was right in regard to making restitution for their ancestors' crimes against us but who instead chose to enjoy living off the fruits of their ancestors' crimes against us. Their (Ethan and Carissa's) hypocrisy was indigestible. But such is the same for all white America. Let us thank and praise God these to defiant Holocaust deniers can no longer fan their racist flames in our faces!

    Fuck Ethan! Fuck Carissa!

    Jihad Amen

  5. Dennis said:

    You are one sick dude. I fought side by side with several black marines in Nam. None of them would have any part of your putrid kind of “protest”. These were 2 innocent kids just getting started in life. I knew them both. They were good people. I have several black friends who I respect and appreciate. But Mr. Jihad you're a sick, sick person. The 2 thugs who killed them deserve everything the law can throw at them. If you want “reparations” you're not going to ever get them by killing innocent kids. Your mind and heart are all screwed up. You must've been beaten up by black and white bullies when you were a kid.

  6. anonymous soldier x said:

    @ These were 2 innocent kids just getting started in life.

    They may have been defenseless, but they weren't innocent…

    @ . I knew them both. They were good people.

    Too bad you weren't with them.

  7. Anthony said:

    You've shamed your own fellow black people with this ignorant blog. You think you can blame people for the actions of their ancestors? You seriously believe that's a way to justify killing an innocent person? That's like me saying we should chop off all black peoples' dicks because their ancestors had aids. Fucking degenerate morons you should be beheaded with a dull knife ISIS style.

    Maybe you should go to your home countries in Africa where Boko Haram could carry out my wish and put a shit eating grin on my face. Just be grateful you don't have to live in a mud hut where militias pillage your village and rape your sister. If anything you should be grateful for the white man's ancestors. The things they put your ancestors through landed you in the greatest country on Earth while you personally didn't go through SHIT.

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