(BREAKING) Dunkin Donuts Reparations Protest Thriller James Herard Sentenced To 9 Life Sentences Plus 125 Years; Sentence Condemned By Florida Black Foot Soldiers

Florida Black Foot Soldiers are condemning the State’s sentencing against Reparations Protester James Herard. Herard was given nine life sentences and 125 additional years in jail for for what the State described as a brutal string of robberies of Dunkin’ Donuts cafes in Delray Beach in 2008.

It was reported that,hoping to gain national recognition for their protests, Herard and his accomplices turned themselves in and admitted to their roles in what they allegedly called legitimate reparations protests.

“When you are inspired to steal from whites, know it is what God honors. For, that very inspiration is from God. Yet know that all who suffer for righteousness’ sake will wear a crown,” in a brief statement concerning the State’s verdict and sentencing against Herard outspoken Florida Black Foot Soldier Claude Neal said. 

“We look forward to the prophesied day of The Great Earthquake when we shall fill those who have imprisoned us in the very cells they stole us away in. Then they shall know justice.

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  1. Anonymous said:

    Classic! I love how fatcoward use-sef makes these losers look like some kind of heroes because they threw their lives away….
    pussey Use-sef doesn't do shit but keep eating white devil foodstuffs KFC. Have a great life in jail scum bag. Use-sef will be stuffing his piehole with extra krispy in urhonor

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