The Charles Soukup Reparations Protest: Jacksonville & Gainsville Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Life Of Reparations Offender & Alleged Violent Holocaust Denial During Protest; Has 17 Year Old Activist Corey Harrington Staked Claim?

While Florida white media are calling the newly heralded Charles Soukup Reparations Protest a carjacking, Gainseville & Jacksonville Black Foot Soldiers believe Corey D. Harrington, the seventeen year old currently being illegally held by the Racially Terroristic Florida State Regime identified himself as a Reparations Protester and the meeting between himself and Soukup as a peaceful Reparations Protest.

“Our city is without the presence of one less racial terrorist today,” Gainesville Black Foot Soldier Aaron Carrier is quoted as saying Soukup’s death. “This vile creature had lived the whole of his life without rejecting his race, denouncing his country or making any attempt to make restitution for the atrocities of his kind against ours. Though our city still wreaks with the odor emitted by mutants as such, let us know the air here is but a little fresher to breath.”

  1. Anonymous said:

    Anonymous here. Yes I am Anonymous. Becasue the blue eyed white devils have stolen my true identity. Brothers and sisters lets all pray that Soukup will get what he diserves. God will strike him down just like he will strike down every other unrepentant cracker out there. Fuck the white man and fuck the white mans government.

  2. Praise God, curse white law!

    Yusef Douglas,
    NBFSN publisher

  3. Charles,

    Charles Soukup was a vile old, generational reparations offender who – just like these other white devils – went through life justifying and or being indifferent to his kind's failure to make restitution for their crimes.

    Corey accepted God's calling to stand up against this regime of racial terrorists.

    Fuck Charles Soukup!

  4. Chris Hill said:

    A 17 year old nigger throws his entire life away.

    I love it.

    More, please. And much faster.


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