Racist US Military Regime Terroist Teddy Rushing EATS HOLY Improvised In Explosive Device In Sacred Kandahar Province! Blacks Against White America Praise Warmongering Racial Terrorist’s "Veteran’s Day" Death, Condemn (Dad) Racist Orlando Police Regime Terrorist Rick Rushing’s "Hero" Characterization

  1. Teddy'sDoc said:

    Just for curiosity sake… did you know either of the men that you are referring to as “racist terrorists”? Or are you just looking for your 15 minutes of fame by slagging on others that had the ability and courage to actually stand up for what they believe? Whether what they believe is right or wrong by anyone else's definition is not the point. The point is that both Rick and Teddy Rushing went out and actually DID something to back up all their rhetoric and talk… what have YOU done to make America any better other than just spout off your big mouth on your little blog?

  2. Teddy'sDoc said:

    Well since you put it that way… let's take a look at history, shall we? All that needs to be said is that the white man does NOT hold the patent on racial aggression or injustice. The fact remains that black rulers of Egypt held slaves for thousands of years as did the Mayan Empire, the Mongol Empire, the Turkish Empire and every other major power the world has ever seen inclusive of ALL races, creeds, ethnicities, religious beliefs and backgrounds.(While it is true that Egypt was ruled by Pharoahs of Greek lineage the majority of Ancient Egypts rule was, for thousands of years, by native Egyptians — Black men.) Besides, less than 12% of American Blacks and less than 8% of American Whites have ANY connection to this country's slavery history. I have never been connected with American slavery nor have I ever been personally accused or responsible for any hate crimes against any group/people/individual. How I could be lumped into any group espousing such acts or beliefs is not just unreasonable and unjust but also irresponsible on your part. It seems to me that the individuals that cry “racism” and “white devil” are the TRUEST embodiment of the definition of racism and ignorance. I pray for you that one day you will see the truth and that injustice exists in all forms, colors, nations, creeds and ethnicities. You need to turn all of your zeal and obvious intellect toward combating the TRUE enemy of the Nation and the World. Class segregation is the TRUE enemy and should be dealt with instead of dividing ourselves into splinter factions among the downtrodden along racial, religious, gender preference, and ethnicity lines. Hopefully I have provided some food for thought. Have a lovely day.

  3. Teddy'sDoc said:

    Shall we just agree to disagree, then? I will stay on the side of my forefathers (incidentally, only 2 generations removed from farming in the southern peninsula of Finland — ZERO instances of ANY form of slavery in MY family's bloodlines) and you stick with your “The world owes me a favor because of something unspeakably horrific that happened to some distant relative of mine.” Or better yet, “I have the right to hate an entire group of people because others of the same skin tone did some terrible things to people of the same skin tone as mine even though most of the current population of both groups don't have any direct ties to the horrors of eras gone past.” Seems perfectly reasonable to me. I rest easy knowing that MY soul is clean, free and clear of any sort of prejudices, hatred, or bigotry. Those indiviuals that I hate have actually done something directly to me or my immediate family. I wonder how you and others that are so mired in misdirected race-wars and bigotry sleep at night. Oh well, here I am forgetting all about your closed-minded drivel as soon as I am done posting this response again. Sleep tight.

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