NBFSN Declines Comment on Support of Alleged Global Black Alliance (GBA) Call for Uprising Against Racially Ter-roristic White America to Coincide w/Heralded ANC Youth Leader Julius Malema Call For Uprising Against South Afra-ka White Men & White Monopolies to Remove Treacherous Regimes of All Devils from Power in Unified Global Strike

  1. Anonymous said:

    Gotta love the sense of entitlement black Americans display. Too bad you idiots don't know that your ancestors were purchased as slaves from other blacks dummy. You want reparations? Take it to the DR of Congo…

  2. Anonymos,

    So anxious to espouse that racially psychotic rhetoric of your morally depraved kind, you looked right over several very easily found JPGs and articles, like this one and this one regarding the your comments.

    I guess we'll have to make a “Why How Africans Sold You Into Slavery Isn't Relevant For Dummies” and put it more prominently on the site to make sure reparations offenders like yourself know that racist bandwagon propaganda is already addressed.

    @ you,
    Yusef Douglas
    NBFSN publisher

  3. Chris Hill said:

    Those are some really great links, Yusef.

    I remember in University, that's where white people go to make something of themselves (think the opposite of prison), in one of my English classes, the professor discussed quality sources and how their usage would determine our grades. Of course, you graduated from the state pen…. or more likely, you're chicken hawk who ratted out your Co-D's for a 3 month stint in the count PC.

    I see you, pussy. You aint shit. I can find a garbage link on google or a youtube vidoe that proves the earth is flat and sunshine rays come out of my ass, if I need to. Quality sources, Sambo.

    Figure it the fuck out, chicken hawk snitch.

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