“You know what the problem with white people is? You don’t respect anybody’s humanity ex-cept your own! You don’t respect anybody’s pain except for your own! Your whole life you thought you’ve been compassionate & caring. But meanwhile you’re just another white girl standing on stolen ground reaping the benefits of your racist, murderous & bloody fathers.”


The Trey Rood Melanoma Execution: “Do White Kids Deserve To Enjoy Sun of God? No.” – Georgia Yakub Muslims

“Considering their kind’s historical and contemporary atrocities, should today’s white children be able to carelessly enjoy the Light of The Sun of God,” asks Atlanta Yakub Muslim minister Ramesses Hotep. “No,” he answers.

“Generation after generation after generation after generation of whites have, without even the consideration of making restitution for them, lived off the atrocities of their fathers. Did they think Mother Nature and Ra would not hold them accountable for their greed, hate and conspiracy?

“Let us turn to the ongoing Melanoma Execution of eighteen year old Trey Rood in neighboring Cummings, Hotep directed. While yesterday melanoma and the skin plagues affected mostly their old, today, with the advent of The Sun of Righteousness, it is the biggest epidemic on the planet. Not one of them shall escape.”

Hotep says Yakub Muslims have previously staged successful Yakub Melanoma campaigns in Cumming, Georgia admonishing whites of their thoughts and reprobation and distributing literature to the city’s small black population.

Eighteen year old Trey Rood is believed to have been spotted in one of those early campaigns.

“We are inviting the white world to witness the completion of this execution that it might solidify these truths in whites.”

  1. white guy said:

    Dont you live here to? Dont you spend the same green money we spend? Dont you enjoy the same freedom as anyone else? Or to you not work and are a slave to the government?? Living on the check they give you, staying where they tell you, eating the food they give you?? If you truly want to make a difference get a job, pay your taxes, shut the fuck up or take your ass somewhere else and bitch and complain.

    A white guy that just works for a living and hates loud mouth people that dont do shit but talk and create problems!!

  2. Edward_teach said:

    The black man uses the excuse of slavery to hate the white man but the truth of the matter is that they envy the white man and every non-negro race because every time they get in or see a fine automobile,(or anything with a wheel for that matter)planes,trains or when they use a smart phone,(or any form of communication other than face to face)computer,gps or any other invention made by great minds they know that they have contributed NOTHING.At the same time the black man marches up and down the street hollering “We’s Equal”and I look at that and say “sure you are” that’s why Nigeria has the best space program,Uganda makes the best computers,Ethiopia makes the finest automobile,Ghana has the finest cities in the world and most of the cures for the diseases that plague mankind are developed in Haiti and lets not forget how they jumped in their clippers to explore and map the world and before that they put on their armor while armed with weapons like the Crossbows,Swords,Halberds they crushed European empires with Trebuchets,catapults and ballistas.I could go on and on and on about the great accomplishments of the negro race but I feel I have made my point.Ohh and before you say “well nobody has taught them”,this excuse I’ve heard before and my answer is; Who the hell taught us?

    I think the white man should keep his technology and cures to himself and nature take it’s coarse the world would be a better place.

  3. johanna said:

    Who invented humanism? Red cross-organisation and UN, NATO etc.? The idea that slavery is evil and should be stopped? And it was in 1860s, today there is STILL slavery going on in Afrika and in muslim and asian countries.

  4. guardian said:

    Stolen ground? Well if that’s the case shouldn’t you go back to Africa?

  5. nowswimback said:

    That’s funny you cultureless monkeys speak our language, use our computers, our internet, electricity, light bulbs, cars, medicine, on and on. You are just full of hate because we are better than you, and you all know it. You would still be swinging from the trees with your monkey cousins in Africa if the White man had not brought you to civilization, and many of you still are. So fuck off back to Apefrica where you belong and get your own culture, monkey.

  6. Aurelian Rising said:

    People of European heritage were simply spreading diversity and culturally enriching as they migrated around the globe.

    The Americas weren’t diverse at all — after Asians crossing the Bering Strait Ice Bridge exterminated Viking and ancient Iberian settlements the continent was basically one ethnicity!! That’s fascist. Europeans were simply helping these new Americans from Asia advance into a multicultural mode much like what is happening today in Europe and America.

    Same situation in Asia and Africa these past 500 years. No diversity until the Europeans immigrated and culturally enriched these stagnant geographies with European culture. These continents needed multicultural enrichment.

    Our next objective is to culturally enrich and diversify homogenous countries like Israel. Africa and Asia still need much more diversity though.

    As Europeans are pushed out of their homelands expect a new age of intense cultural enrichment 😀

    • Congrats, Aurelian! You’re as racially psychotic, narcissistic & sociopathic as your morally reprobate forefathers.

      Aarron Malik Gershwin

      • Aurelian Rising said:

        You’re against diversity and cultural enrichment? You sound like a fascist to me. Multi-culturalism begins and ends in the West my little friend ; )

  7. RW said:

    Everywhere black people go in the world and exist in large numbers in NON black countries, they serve only as parasites feeding off the majority population while screaming racism and blaming the world for the crappy 3rd world neighborhoods they create and infest. Since all other races are so racist and keeping da black man down, why don’t blacks stay the hell away from them instead of running to infest those communities/countries? They do so because as parasites they need a host even if they hate the host.
    Everyone likes going to chinatown, little tokyo, little mexico and koreatown etc. to enjoy the shops, restaurants and even cultural events but no one ever wants to go to “black-town” because there’s nothing there worth a damn including the people infesting it.

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