(BREAKING) BOW REPARATIONS, TULSA ACTIVISTS ON FIRE! Poor White Trash Reparations Offender Peggy Lee Gaytan DOWN in Series of DARING Holiday Season Re-parations Protests; Activists Forced to Defend Selves in SENSATIONAL Harvard Street Shell & Berryhill Food Market Protests Against Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust De-niers; "We come in peace. Whites want war. We come in name of justice whites covet injus-tice," Tulsa County Black Foot Soldiers Praise Protesters Courage & Heart in Face of Continued Reparations Denials; (See) "ALL WHITES R REPARATIONS OFFENDERS"

(BREAKING) Tulsa County Black Foot Soldiers have reportedly issued a statement reminding all reparations protesters they have the right to stand up for restitution for slavery and defend themselves against the violent Holocaust denial of the Trans Atlantic slave trade of hypocritical reparations offenders like Peggy Lee Gaytan who think they are not accountable for their racially terroristic forefathers’ race crimes.

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  1. Anonymous said:

    Reparations, boy?

    You niggers owe so many reparations to us for all your crime and welfare handouts it's not even funny.

    After this government goes under in debt, you nigglets are going to have work the cotton fields for another 50 years before you get send back to Africa in order to pay the reparations you owe us.

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