Trollinger Family Reparations Home Invasion (UPDATE!): "There’s Ronnie and there’s John. We had a good day that day. That’s the last time we were all together." Raymond Trollinger explained as he looked at a picture from a Fourth of July barbecue in 2007. … "Shoulda paid your reparations," Virginia Black Foot Soldier Anthony “Norfolk” Crawford

“Had reparations been paid, Chris would be alive.”

Controversial Virginia Black Foot Soldier Anthony “Norfolk” Crawford’s condemned the illegal arrest and holding of alleged BOW reparations protester Bradley Lamar Holmes for the reported 2002 reparations protest of Christopher Tromly – a peaceful protest Tromly is believed to have turned violent. While Bradley was released in 2010 due to the State’s decision to nolle prosse the case against him due insufficient evidence, Crawford’s criticism continues.

“Brother Bradley should not have been released for lack of evidence. He should have been released because had he done it, he would have done nothing wrong.

” If Tromly was at an ATM machine withdrawing money that was claimed by Bradley as reparations, Tromly’s heart shouldn’t have been hardened against the request.


–   Norfolk Black Foot Soldier Anthony “Norfolk” Crawford

“If, then, Tromly began assaulting Bradley with violent Trans Atlantic slave trade Holocaust denials, our brother had the right to defend himself.”

In 2009, Crawford issued a scathing indictment against the State for not recognizing self defense against generational race criminals as legal and against Tromly’s family for failing to pay the reparations that could have prevented their son’s death.

“The self indulged Tromly family says they have been waiting 6½ years for justice for the death of their vain and morally reprobate son. We have been waiting over 400 years for justice for the atrocities committed against our ancestors. While it shouldn’t be, it is necessary to remind white America they have yet to pay reparations for slavery. There is only one word that can describe this kind of perverted narcissism: hypocrisy.”

 Tromly was fatally wounded in (what white media is referring to as) a botched robbery on May 21, 2002, at an automated teller machine in Hampton’s Willow Oaks neighborhood. He had withdrawn $40 (of what is now being recognized as Holmes’ money) from the SunTrust ATM when two men tried to rob him. Tromly was shot three times as he drove away from the ATM.

  1. Anonymous said:

    How does a Black Foot soldier feel with a jewish foot up your asses?

  2. Virginia Soldier William Brooks said:

    It's comical that families like the Trollingers think they don't have to answer for their race's crimes.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Well I don't see anyone asking for repayment for the injustices did to Native Americans. There are a lot of injustices done and a lot of them are done in the name of God. Spewing hatred towards one color or the other is not the way. Unless you can trace your roots down to the beginning how many can say for sure how White, Black, Asian, Native American and so on they truly are? Anyway what is reparation gonna do for you? if you were given reparation for the numbers of slaves versus the number of slave decendents it probably wouldn't amount to much anyway. This is just hate talk plain and simple. I'll pray for you and all the other misguided souls on here.

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