The Robert Whitting Reparations Protest: What Will You Do When It’s Your Turn To Answer For Your Evil Forefathers’ Race Crime? Chesapeake County Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Arrest of Activists Who Held Holocaust Denier Accountable for Race’s Sins; "Con-sidering Virginia’s racist history & continued refusal to make righteous & proper restitution for slavery & the oppressive and racially terroristic post slave era, that reparations offender Robert Whitting thought he wouldn’t have to one day answer for it is unconscionable. "

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  1. Anonymous said:

    More dumb niggers going to jail. Shoot a kid after robbing him of “a dollah” then flap their ridiculously huge bootlips about it. Now they're off to prison to have buttsex.

    All niggers should be aborted on sight, no matter what their age.

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