Racist Manchester County Police Regime Terrorist John Marvin Killed in SPECTACULAR Automobile Accident! "We praise God this warmongering, State commissioned racial terrost has been killed & no longer has opportunity to racially profile our people & commit crimes against other people of the earth in the name of the United States of America." Hartford County Black Foot Soldier Gallows Hill

  1. Manchester County Black Foot Soldier Rayhaan Campbell said:

    When I heard the news of this racial terrorist's death, I rejoiced! Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! The fall of one racial terrorist anywhere is a victory for the war against white racial terror everywhere! Fuck racist Manchester County police regime terrorist John Marvin! Love it!

  2. Hartford Black Foot Soldier Adrian Thompson said:

    Marvin, 28, who lived in Manchester, was a two-year veteran of the Hartford Police Department who served in Iraq with the U.S. Navy and was an active sergeant in the Connecticut National Guard. Prior to joining the Hartford Police Department…

    This one was a real piece of shit – absolutely committed to US regime of local and global racial terrorism. The killer is these psychotic racists portray themselves as being good and doing things in the name of justice when they are evil and injustice. His grave certainly deserves to be pissed and shitted on. Praise God this he lost control of his vehicle. Praise God for that now sacred embankment that so violently ended his racist and hypocritical life.

    Fuck State commissioned terrorist John Marvin!

  3. anonymous soldierx said:

    Thank and praise God he was destroyed.

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