The Divine Racial Karma Killing of Reparations Offender Alicia McDonald; Was Michael Hagan Chosen by Universe as Vessel of Divine Racial Karma Against Whites for Unrestituted for Race Crimes? "Yes," says NBFSN Divine Race Karma Interpreter Hallowed Yclept.


  1. Kat said:

    i know these ppl thank u very much they loved one another he did not murder her your a fuck racial nut job really u need to get a life instead of insinuating u know everything about situations u hear in the news and think it to be the whole truth remeber god doesnt like ugly and ur one ugly thing… karma is a bitch watch what u say it WILL come back on u and i hope it does hard and fast ur a pathetic wast of a life!! thnak u for ur time 🙂

  2. Anonymous said:

    Niggers….eat dat watamelon boy

  3. Bongo Lips said:

    Reparations offender? How about stupid enough to date a purple-dicked thug? Whatever … when you people wake up, you’re still black.

  4. Aaron Lloyd said:

    We aren’t all fooled by your ruse, Emmett Till. Because the truth is still the truth even if nobody believes it. And a lie is still a lie even if everyone believes it. We still know what the truth is concerning the moral condition of the black man, Emmett Till. And if you think you can fool us with your clever song and dance about the blacks being perennial ‘victims’, then you’re a bigger fool than you think we are. You weren’t an innocent victim, Emmett Till.. You were BLACK…..

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