1. Anonymous said:

    The white girl was coming from work. You know what that is nigger? A job? Never had one I'm sure. Basically us humans have money taken from us by this evil government and redistributed to you niggers to keep them alive. Without YT's hanouts you silly apes would all die of starvation like your homies in africa.

    It's not your fault really. You all belong in the bush eating dirt and lying around until you die just like africans have done for about a million years. Your extraordinary low intelligence isn't a hinderance somewhere like africa where the weather is nice and all there is to do is rape each other and die of starvation.

    As for this outrage. What would a nigger ape want with her computer anyway? Did he try to eat it? Perhaps he try to fuck it? Was it shiny?

    Hopefully this girl will go on disability and never work another day in her life so not to give another cent to vile niggers.

  2. RAPTOR said:

    There are far more poor white & trailer park trash devils enjoying “government handouts” than “us niggers”.

    Your morally degenerate and racially terroristic forefathers are no doubt rolling over in their graves that from that great legacy of slavery they left you that all you have left to even try to offend us by is the word nigger. ROTFLM(NIGGER)AO!

    What did happen to your plantation, devil. What did happen to your separate but equal? What happen to your whips and “Massa”. Why, there's even one of us feral niggers in the White House. Damn.

    Weak skinned, poor white trash psychopaths grafted from hyenas, pigs and chickens crying about the the fake Jews stealing your nation when the truth is that those so called Jews who are in Israel now are nothing but white Mongrels who stole our birthright and you're (and all white Americans) are just poor white trash to them.

    According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) your self styled superior skin, marvelous blue eyes and gorgeous blonde hair are destroyed by the natural sunlight in as much as 10 minutes of exposure. LOL! Mother Nature & The Sun of God have rejected and condemned you. You have to put something synthetic (man made) on your skin to protect you from that which is natural. You are a mutant reptilian who has become the joke of the planet.

    Good luck with SPF!


  3. Black Revolutionary Specialist said:

    LOL, love it, Raptor! This devil will no doubt reply noting “ENJOY AIDS” & “Thank God for Sickle Cell”
    when the truth regarding that ignorance is that there is a profound difference in not being able to stand in the light of the sun and the suffering from the manmade disease, AIDS: The former is condemnation, the latter is a diabolical device of man.

    There are cases in both Africa and here in America where black children whose parents, both of them, have full blown AIDS are born without it.

    Additionally there is evidence that intake of proper levels of UV light through the 3rd eye not only heals (reverts) AIDS and HIV but also acts as a purifier and cleansing cancers and other disorders. (You are aware that when your weak skin (filled with Pheomelanin) is exposed to The Sun Of God’s natural Ultraviolet Light it becomes carcinogenic).

    In many circles, the gene responsible for this is referred to as The Gene of God. It was/is the gene responsible for saving our race, in Africa, from being wiped out from Malaria. Evolution. The shape of the gene changed so our cells could again fit through the ventricles. See: Sickle Cell VS Melanoma for Dummies.

  4. Anonymous said:

    More Whites than blacks on welfare?hmmmm.So you are saying there are more people in trailers than live in Detroit,Atlanta,Philadelphia and st Louis?Get on with yourself.90 per cent of darkies in this country get a ck and the other ten per cent have applied for one.Check your numbers homes.
    Won't be long now until the money runs out then we will see how many will be out burning their own neighborhoods in protest.
    Ever seen a White burn his trailer park over a cop shooting one Olof his bros?Talk about a bunch of dumb monkeys.

  5. Kelsey Reeser said:

    What the fuck does this all have to do with me?! Take this down. Take it off. There's a reason this kid's in jail now… Unless you want to follow suit, take my face off your site and out of your mouths.

  6. Anonymous said:

    Really? yeah, she was coming home from work, stepped off the buss quietly, saying nothing to anyone, and dude mugged the shit outta her and left her for damn near dead on the side of the road.

    Honestly, this has absolutely nothing to do with race, the guy saw a chick and mugged her cause he was stronger than she is, and he is a coward, plain and simple.

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