Racist Brevard County Sheriff Regime Terrorist "Deputy" Barbara Pill "Good & Dead;" Brevard County Black Foot Soldiers Praise Alleged "White Police Terror" Protester Brandon Lee Bradley; "So called deputy Barbara Pill was a State Commissioned racial terrorist whom we are relieved can no longer threaten & terrorize our people. We are relieved & thankful this coward & pig is dead."

“Imagine one of us calling nine-one-one for help and seeing the bright white skin and bluish snake-like eyes of so called Brevard County deputy Barbara Pill as the officer who showed up on the scene to offer assistance. Would you know whether to say ‘happy to see you officer’ or whether to draw your gun because you’d ultimately have to defend your life and the lives of your parents, family and children?

“I know the minute this white skinned, reparations denying beast stepped on the scene that I’d fear for not only my life but the lives of my family members and it would be necessary to defend myself and my family from her kind’s historical brutality and unfairness her kind have terrorized our people with all throughout history. In standing up against the obvious racial profiling of this devil, brother Brandon Lee Bradley did every black person and person of color in this county a favor,” Brevard County Black Foot Soldier William English is quoted as saying.

 English’s comments come on the heels new Brevard County Black Foot Soldier Icon Brandon Lee Bradley’s arrest and just a day after the condemned funeral for reparations offender Pill.

 “If you looked in our rearview mirror and saw this obese white devil who dressed in blue, donned a badge, wore a gun and dared to call herself a police officer – as our courageous brother Bradley did – would you shoot first and ask questions later or wait for your rights to be violated and quite possibly your rights to be taken.” He reportedly asked.

To condemn the arrest of Bradley and desecrate the name and memory of Pill as a representative of the law, reportedly over a hundred Brevard County soldiers assembled near the Brevard County Jail.

“We don’t want to encourage Soldier to piss on streets that white people use, to smear feces on their buildings and to desecrate memorials and even the grave of racial terrorist Pill, but we do want to call attention to the extreme injustice of arresting a black man for defending himself against white police terror.

Reportedly, Pill had been in white law enforcement for 30 years and had served with the Brevard County regime for 15 years.  According to Black Foot Soldier sources, Bradley’s stand against the racial terrorist was epic.It is reported he had to shoot the beast several times before she fell.

Reportedly, in 2007, the State convicted Bradley of two felonies for burglary and larceny. In 2008, the new icon  was convicted by the State for felony cocaine possession and second-degree robbery. In 2011 he was charged with a third-degree felony for carrying a concealed firearm, cocaine possession with intent to deliver and marijuana possession. Bradley also had charges on the State’s record against him  for resisting a white so called police officer.

“He was definately in fear for his rights and life,” Brevard County Soldier Gabriel Banks said. “Pill was a tremendous threat to brothers & sisters in our community. We are all happy she’s dead and can’t threaten our parents and children any longer.”

  1. Brevard County Soldier Lorenzo McDowell said:

    Brandon Lee emerged as a real hero in this protest. My entire community has been celebrating ever since so called “deputy” Pill bit the dust. Brandon was right to defend himself against that racially terrorist devil in pig's clothing because whites have no concept of fairness or justice in them. She was CLEARLY racial profiling and intended to threaten his life. So she got EXACTLY what she deserved.

    Brother Brandon is suffering at the racist regime's hands now. But there's GREAT glory for him in our voices! And CERTAINLY he'll be rewarded in heaven for his courageous!

  2. Anonymous said:

    I'd like to take Bradley's ass out and shoot it full of holes and then let him bleed to death a slow painful death that such a shit head deserves.

  3. Anonymous said:

    To say he's right for killing ANYONE is wrong no matter for what reason.
    What would the great Martin Luther King Jr. say about this if he were still here to see it?
    I'm not naive and understand racism still exists, but targeting white people makes you no better than your white counter parts. The only way to beat your oppressers is to rise above and accept them for their flaws. Otherwise by sinking to their level you become just as bad. Whether the lady was racist or not, violence is never the solution. By condemning people like Pill to death and celebrating it, is not a win. Actions like this do not work to blur racial lines but strengthen them. Whether that's the goal or not i can not say. But remember separate is indeed not equal.

  4. Anonymous said:

    I am white and I agree with you. I do not lump all “BLACKS” in a group and am offended that we “WHITES” are lumped into a group. If you rob, then you suffer the consequences–white or black. If you kill, the same. May the justice system handle this.

  5. You are such a fuckn coward Steel. William English, you know your mama would not approve of you talking that way. Don't bring attention to yourselfs and nobody will notice you..you guys are such fuckn idiots. Stay the fuck of my radar as you do not represent my people. My people would not say such things about anyone dying, much less a cop for that matter, and how good it was for someone to dye. Stop breakn the law and you won't have to deal with the Po-Po. Get a grip!

  6. Anonymous said:

    Every fag that comments about these r a.bunch a pussies hiding behind a name and r afraid.to.show your face its because ur.all lazy blacks that smoke weed and blame the white man for every thing and don't realize u guys r the problem ur lazy

  7. Mark said:

    im just glad to know that brandon will never experience freedom ever again.

  8. I only wish the above was true because if it were then maybe I would not feel as bad as I do about Deputy Pills death. I never met her but I researched lots about her and she seemed like an amazing women.

    Deputy Pill was not shot because she was racist, she was shot because she was the first one on the scene. She was just doing her job.

    If that selfish animal brandon had not stolen motell furniture (who the F- steals old nasty motell furniture anyways) then the police would not have even made contact with him.

    RIP Deputy Pill

  9. NOLA Soldier Jimil Joyner said:

    So called “deputy Pill” was nothing more than white trash commissioned by the racist State to wear a hypocritical badge and given authority to racial profile. We can only thank God she finally found the right nigga. Fuck you, pig Pill and all the white devils and brain washed people of color who support her. Her useless blood should have been left in the streets for the dogs to lap up. Her despicable flesh should have been left for the birds to pick.

    NOLA Soldier Jimil Joyner

  10. Anonymous said:

    NOLA Soldier Jimil Joyner: You are a fucking coward racist motherfucker who will certainly be mopped up by law enforcement officers.

  11. NOLA Soldier Jimil Joyner said:


    Did you talk to deputy Pill about that? Talk to her. See what she says and get back wit' a nigga.

  12. Anonymous said:

    Deputy Pill is a hero who gave everything she had for the people of Brevard county. Those who deserved it and those who don't. Any one of you stupid niggers who praise Brandon Bradley as a hero deserve to die the death of the coward that you are. You think that running around and shooting up cops is ok? Where the fuck are your morals and what does that say about how you were raised. And as for your aggression toward the white community, guess what?!? We brought you to America! If you don't like it then go the fuck back home to the motherland where you can all be slaves of your own color. That way there can be no comment that they're being racist you pieces of shit. You're less than cow shit on the bottom of my boot. Have y'all ever thought of being a productive member of society? Like not smearing our streets with drugs or I don't know, maybe getting a job? Every one of you “dope boys” should be charged with attempted murder. That goes for whatever your skin color is. And another thing. The only ones keeping racism alive is y'all. I would not be racist if you could keep your big lipped dick suckers shut and function as a normal citizens. Stop breaking the law and you won't have to worry about getting hemmed up by the police.

  13. Anonymous said:

    Association for the
    Advancement of

  14. Anonymous said:

    You can obviously tell this is written by a whole lot of dumb ass ignorant people, if she was the one responding when your stupid ass called 911 you better be glad it was her and not someone like me who would tell your pathetic ghetto ass to go get a real job and stop living off your grandma because not even your mother wants to deal with your stupid ass, no wonder why half of y'all don't have fathes, they obviously see what the rest of the world sees. Your a disgusting piece of shit that should probably die next to Brandon Bradley.

  15. inthenameofx said:

    Anybody reading these comments can tell that the comment above was written by a white who doesn't think he/she's guilty. Because I know that if I'd seen that vile devil beast approaching me, I'd have been in fear for my life too. “Get a real job?” Reparations, bitch! You're a disgusting piece of shit who probably should have died next to Racist Brevard County Sheriff Regime Terrorist “Deputy” Barbara Pill.

  16. RAPTOR said:

    MAAWP is what America has always been.

  17. Anonymous said:

    You are not only Ignorant but also Racist….Seriously ,Heaven??????? not happening!!!Sounds to me like YOU are profiling.What do YOU personally know about Officer Pill????? What gives YOU the Right to Slander her name?? YOU make me physically ill!! Seems to me YOU are the RACIST PIG.As for your Buddy Brandon He will see his day in court and his day in hell.

  18. Anonymous said:

    This whole page is racist and hypocritical. To say that this Brandon kid was a hero is disgusting. He was a repeat offender and had just robbed someone at their home and killed an innocent person doing her job trying to take scum like him down. Whoever made this page is not only making themselve look extremely stupid, but making a bad name for African Americans in this county. This is pathetic. Anyone who suports this page or it's beliefs is a blight on the human race and should do everyone a favor and kill themselves.

  19. Anonymous said:

    You are a piece of shit to whoever made this fucking article. Pray we never meet. My name is Deputy Travis Brooks. And we wear GREEN not blue you stupid mother fucker. I hope you get drug through a fucking barbwire field, soak in alcohol then bath in salt. Fuck You!!!

  20. anonymous soldierx said:

    @ “making a bad name for African Americans

    Making a bad name for African Americans through the eyes of a white devil, imagine that…. .

  21. Anonymous said:

    You call yourselves soldiers? You have got to be kidding me!!!!! Soldiers are in Iraq fighting for our country black, white, Hispanic, Asian or whatever race they may be! Soldiers are the cops on the streets trying to make it safe for EVERYONE regardless of race! What you are is a coward, racist, paranoid schizophrenic with no soul. Remember who Brandon was with? a WHITE female! So please do America a favor and kill yourself. We don't need any more scum on the streets

  22. Anonymous said:

    NAACP: Niggers Are Africans Causing Problems

  23. Anonymous said:

    All i know is that I AM BLACK and i dont agree with this at all. i dont agree with the racist comments on either end and i especially dont agree with him killing deputy pill. call me what you want but i wasnt raised this way. you love everyone the way you would want someone to love you. calling him a hero because he was messed up on pills and robbed a motel and shot a woman in the face? that is cold blooded MURDER. i dont encourage nobody to be like that. and you are right im sorry i am ASHAMED of most of my people (not saying whites dont do it too) but our people fought to get us where we are now with plenty of opportunities and instead of using them we throw them away and worry about money cars clothes drugs alcohol and a bunch of irrelevant shit. i take no part in the bullshit because my mother raised me better and its not being raised “white” its being raised right and using the good sense god blessed you with and if you cant do that then you seriously have issues. i just thank god me and my siblings werent raised into this bullshit. and yes i was raised in the black community and yes i still have relatives there i go and see but as for these young ignorant punks i cant have anything to do with it. this page shows just how much ignorance the black people will put out there instead of swallowing their pride and living right. smh i am truly ashamed.

  24. Anonymous said:

    He did everybody a favor putting that fat bitch out of her misery lol

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