(BREAKING) "She’s missing & we could give a fuck if her stinking corpse is ever found." Concern for Racist Pinellas County Police Academy Cadet Kelly Rothwell Condemned. St. Petersburg Black Foot Soldiers Volunteer to be "reason why aspiring racial terrorist Rothwell disappeared." … "Fuck cadet Kelly Rothwell. Our citizens are safer without her." Pinellas County Black Foot Soldier Alonzo Williams

  1. Anonymous said:

    The devil's cunt killed by her Neanderthal psychopath. White females suffer from Cave Woman Syndrome so any pain she endured, she liked.

  2. Sandy Smith said:

    You are an ignorant piece of shit for writing this. I know Kelly personally and she was NOT racist. She was the sweetest person and would have done anything to help anyone regardless of their race or color. It’s niggers, yes I said niggers, like you that deserve to be tortured and hung from trees. You are the ones who make your race look bad. You were never a slave and don’t deserve a god damned thing from anyone. Go fuck yourself!

  3. What a bunch of inbred, racist assfucks. May the few real cops out there kill each of you retardos for REAL cause, not the shit going down most times. You fuckheads are scum, and just as bad and fucked up the ass as the truly bad cops you proclaim to hate. Fuck all yall racist homies.

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