1. Anonymous said:

    You will never garner any respect as a race until you can admit that along with good blacks, there are murderers. Travon is going to jail gentleman.

  2. Aarron Malik Gershwin said:

    Imagine you thinking that having “the devil's respect” is of value. Travon is going to jail but just like it doesn't make him any less heroic, it doesn't make Terry any guilty.

    Aarron Malik Gershwin
    Black Foot Soldier

  3. Anonymous said:

    The white man always wins in the end. There are more of us, were better armed, and we can shoot straight. I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield someday verry soon.

  4. Anonymous said:

    Despite the delusions of the Suspected Racist terrorist above, there are NOT more White Supremacists.. they are the GLOBAL minority at about 8-10% of the population on planet earth. They know this and fear genetic annihilation. This is why they are so hostile and obsessed with weapons and violence and are at war with nature and the Creator. 90-92% CAN ABSOLUTELY defeat the TERRORISTIC minority..with or without weapons. Change your thinking global MAJORITY of non-White people.

  5. Anonymous said:

    Well continue making your threats boy. I've killed plenty of Muslims in Iraq and I cant wait for you to point your gun at me sideways so I can hook your chest up with some hydroshocks.

    There are more of us in office and in positions of power. Keep shooting straight while we run the country and give you free welfare and medicaid.

  6. Anonymous said:

    “Anonymous said…
    Despite the delusions of the Suspected Racist terrorist above, there are NOT more White Supremacists.. they are the GLOBAL minority at about 8-10% of the population on planet earth. They know this and fear genetic annihilation. This is why they are so hostile and obsessed with weapons and violence and are at war with nature and the Creator. 90-92% CAN ABSOLUTELY defeat the TERRORISTIC minority..with or without weapons. Change your thinking global MAJORITY of non-White people.”

    Weak argument. Whites invented weapons long ago that could have erased all of non-European mankind, if we had wanted to.

    Instead we brought you medicine, eradicated your diseases which led to the explosion in your birthrates, built your infrastructure including running water, railroads, houses,roads, electricity, telephones, cars, the internet, taught you the alphabet and written language that you now argue so feebly with.

    You, on the other hand, have brought us violence, civil war, rape, robbery, murder, destruction of our infrastructure, destruction of our schools, cities, culture, and one of the greatest displays of ingratitude in history for our raising your living standards to the highest of any blacks in the world.

    Your attitude is duly noted.

    You have bitten the hand that feeds one too many times.

    You are apparently too dumb to notice that you are just a proxy in the war between the great European creators of civilization and the great destroyers – the Ashkenazi.

    They will enslave you again if they win. You have chosen the wrong team.

    If you had higher IQs you would not have succumbed to their false propaganda.

  7. Anonymous said:

    I agree with my friend's post above. The current level of education for blacks and whites has decreased significantly since the mandatory integration of the educational system. The education of students of all races has been sabotaged by black students inability to keep up educationally. Not because of inferior intelligence, but due to a cultural stigma revolving around “keeping it real” and not listening to the man.

    With all the free money given to blacks yearly, the man is no longer holding anyone down. Poor cultural ideals are the cause of the current blight effecting the black american populous.

    Start improving yourselves first like MLK told your asses and then you wont have to worry about whitey. My family came to this county less than 100 years ago from ireland. We have never owned slaves or even anything close, so you damn sure better recognize that I owe your people nothing.

    In fact, I want reparations for all the movies, sporting events, and educational classes the blacks that I have been involved with have ruined. Take a look at the superdome during the Katrina relief. The blacks raped, stole, and murdered each other the first chance they were given, while whitey shoveled in money and aid to a race that hates them.

    The economy is declining and all this aid and free money is drying up. Where will your race be then. None want to rise above using FREE education. People will get sick of handouts and the second it starts to cut into their wallets and then whats? Welfare is gone, tax credits on 3 kids…gone, medicaid…gone.

    Rise above with learning and education, not niggerish violence and you can halve half the country. Or stay ignorant in the dark and complain about everyone holding you down.

  8. dawud gerschelis said:

    @ I agree with my friend's post above.

    You would. You're a reparations offender, supporter of the West's global racial terrorism and a Holocaust denier.

    You said: My family came to this county less than 100 years ago from ireland. We have never owned slaves or even anything close, so you damn sure better recognize that I owe your people nothing.

    Yet they enjoyed the advantaged economic and social positions the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade & concept of White Supremacy afforded whites. They and you are guilty.

    I bet Terry TJ Floyd said the same kind of excusatory bullshit.

    Do me a favor. Ask him what he thinks about it now.

  9. Anonymous said:

    If by economically advantaged you mean a trailer over my head as a child, then yes I was well provided for by my father who actually stayed to raise me. That's a cultural thing, you know, actually progressing evolutionarily through protection of your genes. If you mean serving my country for an education, then yes I dodged bullets to go to college. Wow, I can't believe I was given so much in return for my work. Crazy how that works.

    Everything I have could have been obtained by any person of color with a good work ethic. I have not received anything a black was alongside to me getting too. The only difference was that the blacks said they should be getting these benefits without having to earn them.

    I feel sorry for those who suffered in the past. Be it from slavery or the mass murders in both europe and africa. I am sorry both for the suffering, and for the fact if produced such a lazy, self entitled, and hateful race.

    If you fight you will lose. Conform and enjoy the rapper life through education and employment. Oh, and start raising your 20 kids to learn and not be ignorant human garbage.

    To progress as a species not a color we need education and not ignorance.
    TJ would have laughed, by the way, when he saw how ol' Travon is gonna be getting cornholed in prison by his “brothers” And Travon wont be spreading his diseased genetic material from his jail cell. Thank god at least he wont be involved in counter evolution

  10. dawud gerschelis said:

    Travon is going to be a hero in the pen for standing up against this devil's Holocaust denial.

    You said: If you fight you will lose.

    Ask Terry.

  11. Anonymous said:

    Terry was a good natured kid. hed probably laugh at the fact that all three of the idiots got caught withing a few hours and now have to spend the rest of their lives in prison. They were very, very , veeery stupid criminals.

    His sacrifice was made to incarcerate 3 subhuman animals and prevent their cultural poison from being spread.

    If you want to play numbers, 3 men for 1 is in favor of terry. Do you understand mathematics?

    either way, just keep your hands held out and keep begging.

    One question…if you hate whites so much, why do you bend over backwards trying to date white women that white dudes wont even touch?

    Haters keep Hatin'

  12. terry floyd said:

    dawud keep talking your shit about my son tj and i will find your ass

  13. dawud gerschelis said:

    @ “terry floyd said… dawud keep talking your shit about my son tj and i will find your ass

    This is as much about you as it is about Terry jr. Apparently, Jr. learned his Holocaust denial and white supremacy from you. You are just as guilty as he was and, perhaps, even moreso.

    Our community can only be thankful Jr can no longer continue your kind's white supremacist and genocidal Holocaust denial that refuses restitution for its generational race crimes.

    dawud gerschelis

  14. terry floyd sr said:

    dawud you dont no me and you didnt no my son who was set up robbed and mudrdered. but we can soilder and work this out 912 844 0975 any time

  15. dawud gerschelis said:

    If you stand against Trans Atlantic Slave Trade reparations you are a white supremacist, racial terrorist and reparations offender. We have the right to protect ourselves from white supremacist racial terrorism.

    @ “ set up robbed and mudrdered

    Our people were criminally enslaved for 400 years, have endured continued racial terrorism from your kind since the Emancipation Proclamation and continued to be denied restitution for the race crimes committed by your kind today.

    Let's start there. For, don't forget that Divine Racial Karma despised Terry too. For, following in the paths of your justice deficient and morally abandoned forefathers, he (Terry) refused reparations. He learned that from you. He, therefore was a white supremacist and racial terrorist.

    Again, our community can only be thankful Jr can no longer continue your kind's white supremacist and genocidal Holocaust denial that refuses restitution for its generational race crimes.

    Make right your wrongs first, devil. How dare you come here angry about what you perceive as an injustice committed against your son when you have denied justice, morality and righteousness your whole piggish life.


  16. Anonymous said:

    I was raised in the home with TJ. We weren't raised to hate. TJ didn't hate anyone. His friends and family spanned races, social classes, religions, and much more. Anyone on here representing TJ as a 'hater' or representing what he would think or say is only dishonoring him. And anyone representing our family in this way brings shame to the Floyd name. My mother and father raised us children to love, to not see race or gender or religion, to only see a person. That was the way MY BROTHER was raised. If you are truly TJ's friends, please do not continue to fuel the fire of hatred. Let it go, please.

  17. Savannah Soldier Nathaniel Redfield said:

    Let go the pursuit for justice for your kind's historical and contemporary race crimes against the family of the people of color? What kind of self delusional racial psychopath are you.

    @ “My mother and father raised us children to love,

    The concept of 'white love' is self serving and is, in actuality, nothing but hate. Fuck 'white love'. What good has it done those whom yours committed your generational race crimes against and then not only refuse to make restitution for but (too) justify and make up petty excuses for why it's not owed.

    Fuck you, Terry, your parents and your fucked up concept of love and justice.

  18. Chatham County Soldier Roger Malcolm said:

    Terry was a reparations offender, white supremacist and Holocaust denier. Denial of reparations is white supremacy. You said: I was raised in the home with TJ. We weren't raised to hate. Well, what is your position on reparations and what efforts are you making to make up for your kind's atrocities?

    If your position is that they aren't owed because that was a long time ago and such and you have made and are making no efforts for restitution, then you weren't raised with love. You were raised with that typical white self serving love that Savannah Soldier Nathaniel Redfield mentioned.

    Chatham County Soldier Roger Malcolm

  19. Anonymous said:

    Ironic that you guys have spoken for TJ, myself and my father on what we are and what we believe, yet THIS is the first time anyone has bothered to ask us what WE think. I stand by my words.

  20. Anonymous said:

    i bet i see two get life in prison and two get 5 to 10. and you should use your energy to help your people rather than dragging them down. you don't even no me are my family im native American. cherokee Indian. sorry you carry that chip on your shoulder

  21. Anonymous said:

    this shits gone be fun

  22. Anonymous said:

    o and fuck you and your fucked up concept that someone owes you something

  23. inthenameofx said:

    o and fuck you and your fucked up concept that someone owes you something

    Did TJ think that way too?

    Ask him if he still does.

  24. Chatham Soldier Robert Hall said:

    If Terry was a Native American he was a member of the people of the family of color. They have been oppressed by whites too and Travon, Damien and Jonathan would be in the wrong for protesting. But evidently Terry has a significant amount of white in his blood and probably presented himself as a white devil rather than a Native American.

  25. Anonymous said:

    Really this shit is stupid everyone who knew tj can tell u that he was far from racist so shut up….on another note for info white ppl were enslaved a lot longer than blacks u dumb fuck….beside u weren't there 400yrs ago u GD retard so stop ur crying

  26. Anonymous said:

    Wow really that baby lost his life over nothing and trevon and those other bitch boys will get what they deserve bet that…. tj was a very loving Guy there was nothing that kid wouldn't do for you. those punk bitch boys will get what is coming to them they made this shit racist not tj. Tj didn't ask for all this… and to the soldiers on here really the army puts you guys in to protect us and this is what they teach you guys to do these things well im standing up for tj and his family Fuck each and every one of you for that matter im gonna have trevon a little surprise in his jail cell for him soon thanks…. love you TERRY WILSON TJ JR you are our angel

  27. Anonymous said:

    Y'all r the ones that r making this about race!!! I me eta once heard the family say anything about race! !! I think if any person of any race does something like Travon and them did to TJ then they should be punished!!!

  28. Anonymous said:

    It is so ironic that you all sit behind your computer screens spewing so much hatred toward a young man you have never known and will obviously never get to know thanks to the senseless crime that these men committed. This family is one that shows so much love, compasssion, and devotion to their community, family, and church and you morons do not one bit of those qualitites instilled in your self-serving souls or agendas. Call it what you want but this whole article is nothing more than an attack against an individual due to the fact that he is white! You have no factual knowledge of him and/or his beliefs or feelings to feel that you have a right to sit here and say he was a racist or a white supremicist. Maybe if you had read or seen him posting racial hate blogs or marching in protests before his death than you would have the right to say these things, but TJ nor his family has ever been guilty of doing those things. So ask yourselves….just who is the guilty party here? I would have to say that it would be all of you that contribute to this site, the people who are willing to kick a family when they are already down, and to post such hateful, negative things about a man you have never known. Shame on you and may you all have to never endure the pain that this mother and father are going through right now. Justice will be served in the end and none of us will have a say in it. God will!

  29. Anonymous said:

    WOW!!! Just had to read your other blogs to make sure you idiots were for real! So it is your belief that white people owe you the right to rape, rob, murder, or torture us and should be willing to let you do so because hundreds of years ago some white person we “MIGHT” have been related to enslaved your ancestors???? And every white person who denies you this right is turning an otherwise “peaceful protest” into something violent themsleves. The blacks that commit the crimes can not be held accountable for their own actions? It is just their right and they have been forced into this decision by the whites who feel they have the right to live without harm??? LMAO! You are some of the craziest SOB's ever! Ask your mothers, daughters, wives, baby momma's or whatever you have in your lives if they would feel the same if a man approached them and gave them those same choices…pay us with your body or you lives….hmmm….wonder what they would choose!

  30. Anonymous said:

    I Really think y'all r ignorant TJ was a great kid n far from racist how about letting his family n friends grieve I think its time to grow up not all whites r bad more do they deserve to b murdered

  31. Anonymous said:

    Its amazing how “you people” can sit here and talk for “my kind”. You talk about hatred and white surpremacy, when in fact it is the creater and comments on this blog who obviously hate a race because of the color of their skin. You are “guessing” that TJ didn't like people of color, why? Becuase he was going to meet people of color who then decided to murder him? Where does your logic even come from? He was not trying to hurt anyone. This is not a story if about TJ targeting anyone because of color, but was the one targeted for whatever reason. No one has ever blamed race for a factor in this tragedy, yet you get on a blog and make up your own story to try to make someone look bad, when in actualality you look like a lying fool. You are making up what you want “my kind” to feel to make your self feel better for being the one hated. People owe you something? Get over yourself. No one should be held responsible for another persons actions. Slavery and all other horrible events are in the past, and as soon as you quit living in the past, maybe you can use your knowledge and ability to reach out to people for things that will actually make a difference. Instead of trying to fire people up about hate crime. You keep trying to make get a rise out of someone by saying “ask tj”. Unfortunately that can not be done. However TJ is in a much more peaceful place. He will no longer have to worry about being targeted. He will no longer have to worry about being judged because he is white, or because he is any race other than yours… but I will challenge you to ask yourself. Ask yourself whether what you are doing or saying has ever made a difference to make things better. Have you actually done what you say you stand for? Or are you just causing hate. Adding more fuel to the hate crime that is in this county. You are no better than any white supremacist or holorcaust denier… You are the exact mirror image.

  32. Anonymous said:

    All u fuckin ppls on here are ignorant! U know nothing about slavery and can't seem to let the past go that's why this country is going to shit because of ppl like u! Ur stupid and hide behind a computer! Bitch!

  33. Anonymous said:

    Show ur face and say that! I bet you won't!!

  34. Anonymous said:

    Have u ever noticed that u ignorant fucks are never in the wrong? U rob, steal, and kill and want to blame someone else! Ur stupid. Hide behind the keyboard!

  35. Anonymous said:

    simply put tj was never racist… but this website is.. how does that make you any better than him? and smiling devil… that boy was raised in church.. racism is from the devil and your all going to hell for it.. just wait until you have to meet your maker and explain this one… i feel bad for you..

  36. Anonymous said:

    your a fuck head travon and john are murders they gone get life in prison. you may not be so lucky. keep that pop ip coming just a matter of time.

  37. Anonymous said:

    You are no different than the KKK. Hate breeds Hate…period end of story. I am sure everything Martin Luther King worked for in his lifetime would make him real proud of you. There is only one word you should take note of: KARMA!

  38. Anonymous said:

    Typical! And u know what I mean!

  39. Anonymous said:

    So Robert hall ur saying TJ was killed cause he was white?

  40. Anonymous said:

    How about u come ask me how I think and let me show you! Or u can continue hiding behind that keyboard!

  41. Anonymous said:

    if it had been the other way around we wont hear the end of it,yall call us racis,but yall the one that are,there was no reason for TJ to dye,the wanted what he had for free no matter how the got it it just wrong,black or white,there been 2 familys hurt forever

  42. Anonymous said:

    This is ridiculous I knew T.J. I know the case and this blog is a giant joke. T.Jwas a good man a Christian and anyone who knows anything about him would know that.

  43. Anonymous said:

    Look u bitch our community can only be thankful that another sorry ass wanna be thug is off the streets for good! U don't know nothing about slavery and nor do I but u dumb bitches can seem to let that go. You walk around with ur hand out like somebody owes u something because hundreds of years ago things happens that no one can change. It didn't happen to u! But that's the only leg u have to stand on cause ur sorry ass wants a hand out. Nothing about what happened to TJ was racial, it was a bunch of dumb, broke, ignorant kids that took a mans life over somethin so stupid! Ur ignorant for following this stupid shit. And I must say if a black man kills a black man its just chalked up to the game but when a white man is involved its racist! TJ is now in heaven looking down on all the ignorance that goes on in this cruel world. As for Travon he'll do his life in the chain gang and eternity in hell! I'm done!!

  44. Anonymous said:

    Why the hell do u think the white race owes u something u dumbass!? Because of something that happened hundreds of years ago? Stop looking for a hand out and stop trying to make TJ look bad because u want somebody to feel sorry for ur race. U had nothing to do with slavery so why do u keep using that as a excuse? All ur doing is repeating what these other idiots on this blog told you! The sooner ppl like u let this hate for another race go, the better this country will be. Unfortunately I don't see that happening!

  45. Anonymous said:

    Whoever wrote this this story of TJ Floyd, you are a complete Moron. This story is completely irrelevant to the crime committed on TJ. WTF Does the past have anything to do with him being murdered? how does the past of America have anything to do with some broke motherfuckers setting up TJ to kill him for money and drugs have to do with slavery of blacks back in the day? seriously dude, if anyone is racist on here, ITS YOU. you obviously have a hate against white people. and BTW this is coming from a Muslim like you. people have discriminated against me plenty, but i don't going around writing ignorant stories about a so-called “smiling white devil”. there's nothing wrong with being proud of what you are, but to slander a dead man is all fucked up. For your information, he actually was a great kid who didn't have any HATE in his heart. SO LET HIM REST. its bad enough his life was ended early, now your slandering his name as if he was racist when in actuality, you are the RACIST. so go kicks rocks motherfucker and i promise. THIS SITE WILL COME DOWN.

  46. Anonymous said:

    listen you monkey ass mother fuckers. TJ was a great kid unlike the guy who killed him. everyone is saying that he got what he deserved, right?he didnt deserve anything. no he shouldnt have been there to do what people say he was doing but it doesnt matter because he was still an amazing person no matter what. This group or clan (what ever you want to call this) is nothing more than a bunch of niggers getting together and trying to act like they are more than ghetto ass niggers which they arent. Travon gets what he deserves and so do the others that were in on TJ's murder. Do ya'll think that ya'll are the new black panther party or something? This group is nothing more than a bunch of monkey ass niggers who have to have a website to voice their opinions. Best regards someone who wants to be in the kkk now. fuck the black foot soldier..

  47. Anonymous said:
  48. Anonymous said:

    look tj was my friend an for yall to call him a devil is bull shit he was a good kid an i will telll you this i hope some white power mothers rape his asss in prison cause for tj to die over 5000 bucks worrth of pot is some reall niggger shit so yeah if i ever come acrosss the boys that put there hands on tj i will get justuice so fuck ass you welfare having niggers rip tj

  49. Savannah Soldier Marquette Johnson said:

    If TJ was a Native American, he should have been with us demanding reparations from whites for their unrestituted for atrocities against us. More likely, TJ was like a House Nigger or an Uncle Tom. They are worse than whites. And apparently, TJ didn't embrace his Native American culture and chose to present himself as white. So fuck him being a 'good friend' or 'good guy'. Until reparations is paid, there's no such thing as black on white crime. Ask TJ.

  50. Anonymous said:

    Fuck you pos motherfuckers

  51. Anonymous said:

    I know that Terry has a Punk ass kid brother cj chad sanders and he is lucky he ain't dead too for all the lies and shit he talks about people. Terrys death is a result of his action to brandish a knife to marijuania transaction a fatal mistake on tj terry floyds part. Its a case of self defense for the Nigger

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