(BREAKING) National Black Foot Soldier Network Announces Support New Black Panther Party Bounty for George Zimmerman Citizen Arrest, "We want Soldiers throughout the State of Florida & the United States to be ready to apprehend this white minded, racial terrorist. As long as he George Michael Zimmerman is on the streets, our children & parents are not safe."

  1. Anonymous said:

    cant wait for these stooooopid niggers to get shot

  2. Anonymous said:

    Why offer a bounty you know where he is and what he does if u believe in it so much i stead of doing a news conference go get him yourself. Or are you just like every other black man and only want to tell people what needs to be done as long as it doesnt involve u actually doing anything. Because heaven forbid u get out of bed before noon or miss judge mathis coming on you bootleg cable.. You all are a bunch of lazy ass bums. I live at 127 oak lane in aiken sc feel free to stop by and punish me for my race crimes…

  3. Anonymous said:

    Humm, this seems more white then black… monkeys fooled me.

  4. Anonymous said:

    he was cuban not white you idiots. im gonna start calling you dumb fuckers chinese.

    you hate whites, we get it. but dont start calling everyone right. that takes away how great it is to truly be white and enjoy all my benefits from the trans atlantic slave trade

  5. Anonymous said:

    I will LOL so hard if these fake soldyas try to start fuckin with hispanics in Florida. The cubans will stack so many negro bodies up you will be able to see 'em from space.

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