The Nolan Turner Reparations Protest; Handicapped 12 Year Old Devil w/Spina Bifida Condemned; "White parents are still refusing to teach & tell their children of debt their kind owe for Trans Atlantic Slave Trade" – Raleigh & Chatham County Black Foot Soldiers; Soldiers Praise Protester "Described as Young, Black Male" who "Educated" Turner

  1. Orange County Soldier Preech Nellis III said:

    White parents are responsible for keeping ignorance alive in the white community generation after generation. This is obvious. That this little devil was out trying to raise money for his cause instead of out attempting to raise money to make up for slavery shows that white so called parents have no intention of teaching their children love, human decency or the importance of making up for their people's racial terrorism against us, the Native Americans and all the other people of color whose necks they stepped on.

  2. Anonymous said:

    The white devil donated 25,000.00 to the kid. How you like that for evil. What money has NBFN ever donated?

    ooooeeeee, 25000 dollars in return for black on white crime. i need some of that action.

    hey, isnt kinda like how NBFN is trying to steal the jewish religion? the white jews will be repaid x 1000 just like little Nolan Turner. Hooray for white humility and charity. we are truly an understanding and loving people

    please report this site to google for hate speech at the following website.

  3. Aarron Malik Gershwin said:

    The white devil donated 25,000.00 to the kid. How you like that for evil.

    Nolan Turner's descendants were not held under the racist and dehumanizing chattel slavery system for 400 years. Nolan Turner's descendants did not endure over a century of the “inherently unequal” system of “separate but equal”. Nolan Turner's family and descendants aren't being continually denied restitution for centuries of racial terrorism and oppression committed against them.

    Have NO misunderstanding about it. Nolan Turner is a budding white racist whose young belief system is already racially terroristic to our people. He represents a new generation of white race criminals and Holocaust deniers who still embrace the racial terroristic ways of your kind's morally degenerate forefathers.

    To stop racism, your kind need to make restitution for your generational race crime.

  4. Anonymous said:

    Hey what excuse does your tiny cult following have to say about the dirty Haitian woman who won 200 million with her black coworkers and refuses to share.


    the white firefighters that gave all their 10,000 dollar winnings to another firefighter with cancer.

    speaking of haiti, look what happened when your beliefs took over an island. cant blame the white man for being run out after dropping slaves off in paradise. they robbed, raped, and killed each other. they also squandered their resources and now have to line up and beg from the US.

    your hatred is directed at whites, with no whites that hatred would still exist and it has been proven in the past. its not the white races fault criminals commit crimes. no whites=black on black crime….brother.

  5. Anonymous said:

    For one you stupid excuse for a human being, I would never teach my child about slavery beacuse it was over 400 years ago and you fuckin people still cant let it go. Nobody owes you or any of u racist idiots that subscribe to this blog anything! Stop looking for a hand out and get a fucking job! You bitches sit here and prasie black ppl killing white ppl and say this is not a hate blog? Your stupid and will never change. I wish one of u mutha fuckers would ever try and take anything from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous said:

    ” 12 year old devil w/spina bifida”…. how the fuck can you post shit like this and expect to be taken seriously, get a job i'm not gonna support you ignorant fucks!

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