"’White guilt’ refers to a concept of guilt often said to be felt by some whites for the racist treatment of people of color by whites both historically & presently. … "The problem w/the "White Guilt Concept (WGC)" is that it implies that whites have consciences." – NBFSN

  1. Anonymous said:

    You are going to hell if you do not repent of the sin in your heart.

    I am obligated to tell you this. You are presently under the wrath of God. You are a disgusting, hell-deserving sinner, and you know it.

    ALL men, of ALL colors, are disgusting, hell-deserving sinners, in desperate need of the redemption that only belief in Christ can bring.

    When you stand before Him on that last day, you will remember that you were warned.

    Until then, if you ever come near my family, I will make sure that THAT day is your last.

  2. Hartford Black Foot Soldier Adrian Thompson said:

    The concept of white people's invisible god is just as flawed as that of white guilt. Actually, neither exist.

  3. Anonymous said:

    He is the living God. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He sent His Son, the eternal Christ, by whom all things were made, to die for the sins of those whom He had chosen for salvation from their sins.

    You will meet Him soon, and find you've known about Him all along.

    As Christ said, “You are of your father, the devil.”

  4. inthenameofx said:

    As Christ said, “You are of your father, the devil.”

    LOL! (Black) Jesus was talking to (white) Romans who had imperialized, became Judaism proselytes and stole their religion when he made that statement. He (Jesus) was calling you (whites) devils even then!

  5. Chicago Black Foot Soldier Jyi Howard said:

    No. In order to have 'guilt', you have to have a conscience. Whites have proven they don't have consciences. They construct concepts like these to further spread the propaganda that multiple factions of white thought exist in America. But the reality is that there is only 1 group of American whites and they are all Holocaust deniers.

  6. Anonymous said:

    Yuesf this ones for you

    Ive been thinking alot about you personally. I figure you have been around long enough to have seen 2 separate drinking fountains, but you are young enough to not have been obligated to use “yours”. that can leave a bitter taste in anyone's mouth, and it has.

    the string of failures that you have experienced in your life had put you in a state of confusion. fortunately you found this group and they gave you a reason for you countless failures.
    it wasnt you, but a scapegoat, the white man. now you finally found a place where you belong and are understood. you have a new community loyal to you as long as you believe whatever you are told. your a robot. kinda like the nazi soldiers.

    this new found hatred boils over into your daily life too. its the reason you cannot enjoy tv. to many whites on it, you probably cant even watch the commercials. to many jewish white entertainers.
    i bet it is hard for you to enjoy alot of todays luxuries that we are afforded due to your racial predudice.

    like music. you cant stand white music, or even music written by whites but performed by black entertainers right? is that why you make your own so called music?
    sorry to be the one to tell you, but hammering out shitty chords on a midi controller and processing them in a pirated copy of frooty loops or pro tools is
    not considered music. in fact, your torrented studio software should be considered reparations enough. but you tell women that your a musicican and maybe it works for you.

    your glaring weaknesses are obvious to most people, you just cant recognize it. you have severe self doubt and insecurities, but are afraid to show them due to a desire to be strong and not weak. emotionally not physically.
    what you do to cope with these pent up feelings and the aggression that stems from them is to project. you project your faults on an entire race, just like members of kkk or neo nazis, that in itself is a weakness.
    you would not believe the similarities of your hate jargon and that of the white supremecists. its so easy to blame others for your own failures and faults isnt it? much easier than being a man and excepting responsibility. thats personal not racial or ancestral responsibility hoe.

    so is it my fault your father didnt stay around? nope just like it isnt yours that mine didnt either. but i knew this and overcame and i now enjoy my success. you should be doing the same.
    sorry you failed due to your unfounded hatred, but dont let your bitterness ruin other potentially bright youths.

    poking and jabbing at peoples loved ones will not get you the reparations you claim to desire, but thats not really what you want. you want these white people to hurt like just you hurt inside. it wont ever fill that hole inside you though.

    dont post this if you know its true



  7. Matt said:

    You will never attain peace of mind by hatred, ignorance or attachement. Many of you hate white people based on extremely generalized and ignorant points of view. Your attachement to your subjective experiences of oppression is driving this hatred. It is nothing more than an illusion you have all fallen for.,

    Don't you all realize that generalizing white people based on these illusions makes you no better than the most racist of whites? Any wise man of any faith will tell you what I am telling you now. At the end of the day you will achieve no peace of mind if you continue your blind hatred based on your attachements. The sooner you recognize these illusions, the sooner your mind will be freed from them.

    And yes, I am white and not American.

  8. Anonymous said:

    The only way to *Stop Racism and Hate Collective* is to apply Dr. Kamau Kambon's theory of purification.

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