1. Sacramento County Soldier Rashid Deary-Smith said:

    It is not uncommon for whites like Tania to try to protect and defend the merchandise of their employers because their values are so corrupt they value it over the rights of the people.

    In this case, Rexall is a business from a family of generational racial terrorists – the Liggett family – who are believed to have owned slaves.

    That Tania would choose to protect Rexall's merchandise & money over attempting to make restitution for her kind's race crimes by turning that money & merchandise over proves she was as much of a anti black racial terrorist as the whites who actually owned slaves and enjoyed segregation. Our community and people are better off and safer without her.

    In short, fuck Tania Gurskiy and Rexall pharmacy.

  2. sveta kork said:

    You are definitely stupid. Tania came to U.S. as an immigrant child with her family from Ukraine in nineties. Slavery happened when? And people that owned pharmacy were also immigrants from Asia. And Tania gave all the money to those black thugs. And still got shot. She never tried to protect the money. If you call $120 money. I am her cousin and saw your two slave brothers get lifetime without parole for her death. For all I care slavery could as very well be happenning right now for you!

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