Jefferson Parish School Psychologist & Anti Black Racial Terrorist Mark A. Traina’s "‘Young Black Thugs’ Should Be ‘Put Down Like The Dogs’" Comment Condemned by NOLA Black Foot Soldiers, Soldiers Call for Firing & Some Call Public Protests Against Racial Terrorist; (UPDATE:) 55 Year Old "Racist Psychopath" Mark Traina Resigns from School System

According to NOLA Black Foot Soldier sources fifty-five year old anti black racial terrorist Mark A. Traina, the Jefferson Parish School Psychologist allegedly responsible for posting derogatory statements about young African American males to his Twitter account has resigned from his position with the school system.

 Reportedly, in January, Traina tweeted, “Young black thugs who won’t follow the law need to be put down, not incarcerated, put down like the dogs they are.” Another January tweet read, “Serpas should be warning people to stay the hell out of New Orleans. These black dudes will kill you.” In commentary about the murder of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin, a March 31st Tweet from Trania says, “How come white people don’t protest when blacks kill whites which occurs too often? Is that politically correct?”

 “For too long this white supremacist was able to influence the lives of our children! For too long this anti black racial terrorist received money from black tax payers to his pay check. For too long this white devil has denied the Holocaust and refused the reparations our people are owed for the racial atrocities he and his kind committed and commit against our people. He needs to be held accountable for his crimes,” NOLA Black Foot Soldier is quoted as saying in a statement concerning Trania approved for release to the Network.

 “Trania wouldn’t understand crimes he and his kind have committed and commit against ours unless all that racial terrorism, multiplied by seventy, was returned like hot coals upon his head.”

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