The Jacqueline Gardner Reparations Protest; Poor White Trash Reparations Offender Turns Protest Violent: DEAD! "This devil’s blood is on your hands, white Schererville, white Indiana & white America. She, like you, was a white supremacist Holocaust denier whose ‘tip jar’ belonged to us for unpaid Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Reparations & your kind’s ongoing crimes against our people. Fuck Jacqueline Gardner. The heroes here today are Michael Craig, William Blasingame & Stephen Henderson" – Lake County Black Foot Soldiers statement

“When you hear whites say: ‘get over it,’ ‘slavery was a long time ago,’ ‘my family didn’t own slaves, ‘the Jews owned the slave ships,’ ‘your own kind sold you into slavery,’ and other sentiments like these, know these are the most common excuses these devils will use in attempts to not accept responsibiltity for and make restitution for their kind’s generational race crimes. Know today that these are unacceptable racist statements reparations offenders use in support of their kind’s historical racial terrorism. Whites who make statements like these are just as racially terroristic as the whites who dehumanized and terrorized our ancestors during the slave trade and even in this – the post Trans Atlantic slave trade era. Most often, these are the kinds of whites you will have to defend yourself against in a repartions protest. From this day forward, when you hear these fork-tongued lepers espouse such racism, tell them to ask reparations offender Jacqueline Gardner what the fuck he thinks about that bullshit today.” 

  1. Anonymous said:

    Niggers are the scum of the Earth

  2. inthenameofx said:

    Reparations will not make things right but to send all of you back would make things right, untill then here's your reparations.

    I et Jacqueline thought and said that same kind bullshit. Do a nigga a fave and ask her what she thinks abou1t that now. I'm anxious to hear what she has to say!

  3. Anonymous said:

    The US Government set up liberia For freed slaves and Look how that country has turned into a shithole with blacks at the helm(no whites are even allowed to be citizens) Blacks need whites to run the countries they live in or within 2 generations they return to the jungle from whence they came.

  4. Anonymous said:

    To all of you white hating fools who think you are owed anything.

    You should thank the white man for enslaving your people 300 years and bringing them to this great land. For if they did not, then you would still be living in that shit whole called Africa. You would be exposed to over 60% of the population having AIDS, your women would be used as currency in some of the countries, your your young would be forced to be soldiers in some war lords wars. You would live in a mud hut or worse, you would have no running water in most of the continent, no in door plumbing, no electricity as well. Basically most of Africa lives in the stone age. So that is where you think you would have been better off ? this is the place you think is the place to be instead of working in the cotton fields ? oh boo fucking who, you had to be slaves for a few hundred years. EVERY civilization has been a slave to others at one point in time, but lets cry for the blacks.
    How about you get down on your knees and thank the next white man you see.. thank him for his ancestors bringing you to this great land, this land where you have everything your mud hut living relatives don't have. How about you be grateful you can go and pop out 50 kids and get the government to pay for them since you don't work, since most of the jails are stuffed with blacks who can not even live in a society, but have to spit on everything you were given.
    how about this, if you dont like the “way you are treated here ” get in a fucking boat and head the fuck back to that shit whole you are so upset your ancestors were forced to leave, oh yea the place where YOUR OWN PEOPLE SOLD YOU… yea thats the place.

    It sounds to me like you are making an excuse for being lazy. get a fucking job and off well fare.

  5. Raptor said:

    Read the headline: “The Jacqueline Gardner Reparations Protest; Poor White Trash Reparations Offender Turns Protest Violent: DEAD! “This devil's blood is on your hands, white Schererville, white Indiana & white America. She, like you, was a white supremacist Holocaust denier whose 'tip jar' belonged to us for unpaid Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Reparations & your kind's ongoing crimes against our people. Fuck Jacqueline Gardner. The heroes here today are Michael Craig, William Blasingame & Stephen Henderson” – Lake County Black Foot Soldiers statement”

    It was Jacquieline who was lazy, poor white trash. Also, your morally degenerate forefathers were so lazy and racially-psychotic that they facilitated a system of slavery built on race.

  6. Latrine said:

    Yo muh fukka muh dikk!!! blacks be the superior race n sheet- which be why we don't want to fuck our own women n sheet, we want to fuck women from other races.

  7. fuck poor-me black pieces of shit said:

    Your whole race is degenerate. Then and now. Look at your welfare thug culture. Look at Africa, the biggest society fail the world has ever seen. Hate to burst your bubble, retard, but blacks kept slaves too. Still keep them in fact. But that's ok because they're black, right? Fuck you.

  8. Anonymous said:

    Complete ignorance on both sides. That's why America is in the shape it's in now. No race is better than the rest. I'll pray for you all.

  9. Anonymous said:

    Dont talk about my stepmom that way if you knew you would love her I loved her very much she would do anything for me and her girls so fuck u guys and get a life plz now evry nite her daughter cries cuz u mother fuckers killed her she was a stong person. She cared unlike you ruthless bitches!!!!

  10. Anonymous said:

    Fuck you get a fuckin life and gt ova it

  11. Ana said:

    Your going to hell this girl was murdered by some uneducated low life scum bags! It does not matter in any way what race you are or what she is.. bottom line an innocent mother of 2 was murdered you stupid mother fucker! Go find your self some common sense because clearly you don't have any!!!

  12. Anonymous said:

    You people are all unreal. Same on all of you. Rest in peace my beautiful friend.

  13. Anonymous said:

    What's with all this hate and discrimination? We are all part of One Race! THE HUMAN RACE!!! How are you going to talk about racism and then go about defacing this womans life! She was murdered by 3 men if you felt like being more hateful you could link it to sexism!!! The fact is she is now dead and her children will grow up without a mother and her parents will not have there daughter and her sister will never get to spend time with her again! A Family is broken and mourning her life and you can speak negatively about the life of stranger you will never know! NOBODY deserves to lose there life so young, many lives will never be the same. THE MEN INVOLVED ARE NOT HEROS THEY ARE MURDERERS! NO ONE CAN DECIDE SOMEONES LIFE IS NOT WORTH LIVING! Where is the LOVE?

  14. I can't believe you would have the nerve to say something like that!..oh wait yes I can…typical…wish we could send all of your asses back. Your useless anyways

  15. Anonymous said:

    Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you people ?! What does slavery have anything to do with it ?! They killed an innocent woman ! You people deserve to rot in hell. The story wouldnt be different black, white or whatever. An innocent person was kill for less than 100 dollars because she was supporting her fucking children. GET A FUCING LIFE!

  16. Anonymous said:

    You seriously want people to believe your organization is against violence and hate? Do you read your own words?? – You want reparations?…you don't have them yet so you put up this website to further your cause…you think YOUR words here will help you get what you are fighting for? EVERY decent person NO MATTER what race they are will be against YOU…and rightfully so. YOU AND YOUR KIND are an INSULT to decent black people. You call these 3 scumbag, low life animals hero's?? That statement shows just who YOU people are – not part of the human race – no part of the decent black race. The decent blacks may agree with reparations…some may not…BUT they would NEVER agree with this site. You are an embarrassment to them. YOU pull your race down..YOUR kind are the ones who keep the hate and racism going. Do you even realize that more blacks are killed by their OWN race than anyone else? Of course you do. WHY IS THAT?…does the black victim deserve to die like the white victim? Did all those innocent black children killed by drive by's deserve to die because YOUR HERO'S are angry they didn't get reparations? Your the lowest…YOUR HERO'S have also killed many …many blacks…guess we can say that's OUR reward…but the blood is on the hands of YOUR KIND. Keep telling the lowlife's that they are hero's….keep encouraging them to kill…because they are killing YOUR children …robbing YOUR PPL…along with the white people. Great job your doing.
    Jacqueline was a hard working woman – she WORKED – and she LOVED her job. Your heartless…but even more so…you are evil and hateful and you display it with pride. You think your an asset to your race?…to your cause for reparation? You have NO support from the human race.

  17. Anonymous said:

    How dumb are you people? You want reparations so your promoting your cause by this kind of website? You seriously expect to get respect from ANY decent human being…no matter what their race?
    YOU are an embarrassment to YOUR RACE. To all the decent blacks who would NEVER call murder's hero's. YOU are the kind who keep racism alive…no decent black person would support what you say here.
    Your calling murderers HERO'S…and you expect the world to support you?
    Do you realize that the same scumbags you call hero's are killing YOUR CHILDREN….YOUR HUSBANDS,WIVES..MOTHERS AND FATHERS? Go ahead …encourage them…call them hero's…give someone who thinks killing a human being is nothing to be ashamed of…its accepted in YOUR COMMUNITY. Give them the support they want to keep doing those drive-byes…because there are more blacks being killed by blacks every day of the week. These are the same HERO'S who are killing white people. Those kind who have no remorse for taking a life will kill their own kind in a minute. Pat them on the back…tell them what a good job they are doing. Can we say that it is OUR reward when a black on black killing occurs?
    Do those innocent BLACK children..husbands wives..mothers fathers ..who get killed by YOUR HERO'S deserve to die?
    Where the hell are your brains?
    Jacqueline was a hard worker…SHE WORKED…she loved her job….she also had black friends who loved her because they knew her kind heart.
    I am not going to try and make you think any different of any white person…because EVIL and HATE are engrained in your group…you are incapable of change…the sorry part is that your race suffers from their own kind more than anything and YOU do nothing about that…you only focus on white people. You are NOT for peace or non-violence please take those comments off your site. Your disgusting.

  18. Anonymous said:

    I can't believe that this is actually aloud on the internet. This website is just breeding hate! You didn't know Jackie how can you say such hurtful things. The woman has a family and friends who are still grieving. Jackie was a good person a young mother of 2. Like it was said by others she has 2 babies who will never feel their mothers arms around them again. They won't have their mom a strong woman to be there as an example for them as how to be a good person. This website should be banned from the internet. You are tying things together that don't even go together as said in another post what does slavery have to do with this young woman. She didn't sit on her butt collecting welfare, she was out ther working providing for her family and those 3 THUG SCUMBAGS robbed her and killed her. This kind of website will not make things better….IT JUST BREEDS HATE!! I can't believe how people think it is ok to comment and give their opinions about someone they don't even know. PLEASE STOP THE HATE. Know the facts before you post comments here and on newspaper websites. Educate your self before you open your mouth and you won't sound so stupid.

  19. Anonymous said:

    So how is it that you know for a fact that this woman Jacqueline was a racist? Is that why she was targeted for murder?

    A Holocaust denier?? what has that got to do with black people?

  20. Black Revolutionary Specialist said:

    @ “What's with all this hate and discrimination? We are all part of One Race! THE HUMAN RACE!!!

    You're not part of the human race, you're mankind.

  21. Anonymous said:

    I'm curious. How is this kind of website supposed to make anyone reading it not hate black people?

    When I read this, is it supposed to make me not fear people like you?

    You are a racist by the very core of its definition and after what I've read, I wish you get what you deserve.

  22. Anonymous said:

    I'll pay reparations for the work you never did as soon as I sell the plantation I never owned.

  23. inthenameofx said:

    @ I'll pay reparations for the work you never did as soon as I sell the plantation I never owned.

    I bet Jackie used to think the same stupid shit. Ask her if she still feels the same now….

  24. Anonymous said:

    Everybody keep saying how she was so great what about the fact they were dope dealers like the rest of white trash

  25. Anonymous said:

    Fuck you niggers

  26. Anonymous said:

    Why don't all you haters from both sides just get together and knock each other Off and let the rest of us live in peace

  27. Anonymous said:


  28. Anonymous said:

    و سنمضي ندك معاقلهم
    بدوىّ دامٍ يقلقهم
    و سنمحوا العار بأيدينا
    و بكل القوة نردعهم

    لن نرضى بجزء محتل
    لن نترك شبرا للذل
    ستمور الارض و تحرقهم
    في الارض براكين تغلي

    Not a single person alive had a hand in American slavery. In Africa black on black slavery still exists, quite a rich tradition. You are encouraging collective punishment, which is illegal under U.N. war crimes.
    The jokers behind this site are race, poverty pimps who would do well to take a breath, and long meditation in the mirror.

  29. Anonymous said:

    Fuck you and your reparations,.. That's a cop out for your criminal black ass and anyone who thinks the same as you .You don't deserve shit & I hope these 3 get their asses electrocuted .

  30. Anonymous said:

    I say we get all of the former slave owners together with all of the former slaves and force them to pay rape-a-nations to all of these former slaves. The hate-filled hearts and lives of these angry, useless, shiftless descendants of the former slaves will insure their eternity in hell. You sure you want to end up there?

  31. Anonymous said:

    That's why it took three of you banana suckers to take her out. Now they are all going to be pole dancing in prison.

  32. Anonymous said:

    Wish slavery was still around! Then we could get some work out if you lazy ass NIGGERS!!!! REPARATIONS isn't that the welfare your collecting and all the orher lazy as NIGGERS!!! SO GLAD NIGGER IN NIGGER DEATHS ARE STILL RISING!!!! BRING IT ON MITHERFUCKERS. WE OWNED YOUR NIGGER ASSES BEFORE AND WE WILL AGAIN!!!! YOU ALL ARE JUST TO FUCKING STUPID!!! REPARATIONS FUCK YOU! GO GET A FUCKING JOB!!!!

  33. Anonymous said:

    If you don't help stop modern day slavery and talk this kinda shit I'll show you what a white devil is.

  34. Anonymous said:

    Hopefully these baboons get jail house reparations.

  35. Anonymous said:

    No one likes blacks and here's why.

  36. Anonymous said:

    You goddamn piece of shit will face the reality one day. I think you morons have cried foul one too many times and you will indeed sow what you have reaped.

    You haven't seen anything yet.

  37. Anonymous said:

    Stupid fuckin niggers…always looking for a reason to loot, rape and murder.

  38. Anonymous said:

    you get your paybacks everyday by the white devil paying taxes from his job, while you sell your drugs, and live off food stamps and government housing….take care of your kids by paying your child support…that's a start for a better unstereotyped life. when the majority decides that sports or rap isn't going to pay the bills for all of you, then you may aquire some actual pride. fuck you and YOUR racist shit! love, the american indian 😀

  39. JC said:

    The lack of historical knowledge and context is rampant on this racist, black supremacist website. I see no acknowledgement of black on black slavery, which is still ongoing in Africa today. Or how about the blacks that sold other blacks into slavery? How about the Arab slave trade which was the worst in all of history? I see no acknowledgement of White slavery in America, when millions of poor Whites were taken from the streets of Europe and were forced to come work in America as slaves. And ofcourse there is no mention of the fact that White Europeans set the precedent around the world to end slavery.

    It is really quite simple, you hate Whites and many Whites want nothing to do with you, so separate. Return to Africa. It is laughable that some blacks think “we built America” and should be owed for it. Hilarious indeed.

    “Reparations” are a crutch to continue blaming others for your failures. Yeah Whites are so racist they provide blacks with welfare, foods stamps, housing and affirmative action and protection under speech laws, yet Whites are the world's minority. I'd say White slavery is still alive and well today.

    Have fun with your ranting that will get you no where.

  40. Anonymous said:

    Both side are stupid! black had hard it was a time and treated badly but it s the past! I am chocked how people talk here!! and say things like neger who do you think you are idiots and other who aske for reparation are aslo crazy. I just she a yong mother with a shit job killed by 3 monsters. YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS!

  41. james the marine said:

    Racist and ignorant blacks looking for free money. Get à job and go to church. You all need à dose of Jesus in your hate filles life

  42. Anonymous said:

    The funny part is you nigs will always struggle and personally I could give a fuck less. Fuck all your black power idles like all sharpton and that faggot malclom x. I will enjoy being white.

  43. Anonymous said:

    Fried in hot oil you niggers are almost as good as pig…….if you can get past the smell before cooking! Best part is the brain, but because they're so small it takes 4 of 5 to feed 3 adults.

  44. Anonymous said:

    Fried in hot oil you niggers are almost as good as pig…….if you can get past the smell before cooking! Best part is the brain, but because they're so small it takes 4 of 5 to feed 3 adults.

  45. anonymous soldier x said:

    The funny part is you nigs will always struggle and personally I could give a fuck less. Fuck all your black power idles like all sharpton and that faggot malclom x. I will enjoy being white.

    Poor white trash reparations offender Jacqueline Gardner was the one who was struggling. LOL!

  46. You want a race war, smart guy??
    Greensburg Indiana.
    Bring it, dickhead.

  47. Anonymous said:

    I don't wanna have sex with black chics either, can't blame you for that

  48. Anonymous said:

    The creators of this piece of racist filth website are the TRUE terrorists in America today!

    What a waste of good air!

    Time to hold black thugs accountable for enslaving their own with the chains of violence, ignorance, and terroristic threats.

  49. Matt said:

    I wish all the blacks were back in Africa I would gladly pay their tickets.

  50. danigauluv2hate said:

    Poor white trash Jacqueline Gardner WASN'T working hard enough and, just like most impoverished whites, depended too much on her skin color and thought because she was white she didn't have to think! LOL! Work and turn over your money for reparations devil cavewomen!

  51. theblackman#1 said:

    Just because they're poor white trash doesn't mean they don't owe reparations and they have to pay with something. If more white families had to pay w/their family members they'd appreciate paying w/property & money more.

  52. thespiritualandeverlastingfelon said:

    You know she was sexually excited for black on white (BOW) rape when she saw them. The filthiest and most heightened part of the mutant female devils' ego actually desires to be beat, sodomized and killed by black men – even their males are stimulated demasculinization by our brothers. So even while in her death she was psychologically impaired. But that's exactly what divine race karma wants for them the most: to be unsatisfied in their meaningless deaths because they treated life, the earth and all the earth's other peoples just as meaningless.

  53. Anonymous said:

    Ask your animal friends that murdered Jacqueline how they like getting fucked in the ass in prison. I hope you animal mother fuckers bring it soon. Can't wait for open season, we will pile you fuckers up like the trash that you are.

  54. inthenameofx said:

    @ I hope you animal mother fuckers bring it soon

    Anonymous devil, just ask Jacqueline if it was brought. See what she says and get back wit' a nigga!

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