RELIVE: The Sawyer Webb Reparations Protest! Knoxville Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Racist Lives Of Vile Reparations Offenders Webb & Roser, Praise Courage Of Protesters

Knoxville Black Foot Soldiers have issued a statement condemning the lives, families and people and friends mourning for reparations offenders Sawyer Webb and Crestus Roser and praising Devin Ackron Jamison and Jaron Harris as courageous reparations protesters who continue the noble fight for the unatoned for atrocities committed against the millions of African Americans in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. “Whether it be on the government level or on the street level, the denial of our people’s rightful reparations is an act of racial terrorism that we must defend ourselves against,” Knoxville Black Foot Soldier Thomas Searcy is quoted as saying in a meeting Soldiers reportedly held near the University of Tennessee to show disrespect for Webb and Roser and show support for Jamison and Harris. (Article)

  1. Chatham County Soldier Unta Mallett said:

    Chatham County is full of whites like Sawyer Webb who “think” they are good. LOL! These crackers don't have enough moral depth to know that history is not dismiss-able because of the passage of time.

    Is it unfortunate that Sawyer found this out the hard way?

  2. White Power said:

    All niggers smell terrible, have small brains, are attracted to shiny objects, are poor and will always be poor and obsessed and lastly MUST ALL HANG!!!! Huwhite Power!

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