"We categorically reject & condemn the white man’s racist & self serving definition of racism that excuses their refusal to make restitution for their generational race crimes committed against blacks for the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) & likewise excuses their unrestituted for generational race crimes against others in the family of the people of color." – NBFSN

‘White guilt’ refers to a concept of guilt often said to be felt by some whites for the racist treatment of people of color by whites both historically & presently. … “The problem w/the “White Guilt Concept (WGC)” is that it implies that whites have consciences.” – National Black Foot Soldier Network (Link)

(Just in & developing….)
  1. ShayNayNayNot said:

    The second I came to this colored boy nest site I could smell the colored stench. You coloreds, with your uppity sense of self-APEtitlement, are a sub-human parasitic plague among humans. Since you all eek and ook how rayciss 'n sheeit the US and da ebil YT is haul your filthy colored bodys on a leaky boat to Haiti or da muddaland. Hopefully you will all end up as rock fish.

    If not for your precious race traitorous colored coddlers, enablers and lovers who APEdopted you all as pets your inferior sub-species would of perished long ago from “natural selection”.

  2. Niggers have zero IQ's consequently they cant think past the moment in time, so everything they say is as if they had said nothing at all, Besides if their lack of english is any indication they have not indeed said anything, done anything, built anything, forged anything, or done squat in their entire 40,000 yr history, Yet they can lie like littel children, because they do not evolve past puberty which is why they think they can have anything they see, just like children. Get it now? Monkey see, monkey do, and had it not been for slavery, the niggers would never have had it so good now, they should be thanking us , But the truth be known it was the jews who started the slave trade followed by their own niggers, because over 5,000 blacks owned over 12,000 nigger slaves, Check it out, if you can handle doing a little detective work, Yes, niggers, I said work the only word that scares the shit out of niggers, and if that happened they would be white too. hahahahah Niggers are all fuckin talk, they think having brawn is everything, but after they get old what do they have ? Brains eludes the nigger sub creature, they do not have souls because they were not created by God, God made the Adamic race in His image, Adam means ruddy, not muddy, and blush, to make red, whites are the only race capable of blushing, Niggers should thank us and shine our shoes every day that we let them live in our cities. I say let them all live in Detroit, build a wall around it and then leave them to their own devices, either that, or drop a a bomb on the place,

  3. still with your hands out? For what? slave reparations? You should pay us for the privilege of staying in a country that allows you to live beside real humans. Make no misake you are not humans like other races, You are clearly a sub species, a sub SPECIES, like a cock roaches cock roach. Understand now? You need lessons to live inside ahouse just like you need a license to drive a car, because you are too much like an animal to be trusted to live inside something a white man has built for you, Now pay up nigger.

  4. Anonymous said:

    If you keep grouping people then you can't get shit done. You're grouping people by race. It's as if you think all whites are responsible for shit they weren't even alive to do. You think the Underground Railroad was done by a bunch of negros with no help from the white folk. See the only away to be equal is to treat everyone the same. You think Nelson Mandela ended apartied by slaughtering innocent whites like the leadership before him. Shit happens but you gotta be the bigger man. Protests and shit are good but you can't go around chirpin the whites. Nobody likes a whiner even if their whining is justified. But holy shit these three fuckers that commented before me are fucked up. Fuckin pussy ass pricks.

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