RELIVE: The Eve Carson Reparations Portests! (FEATURING) Reparations Protesters Demario Atwater & Lawrence Lovett; (PLUS) Did Her Family Once Own Slaves?

It is ironic that, as beautiful as she was, during what we believe was a peaceful reparations protest, she could turn so ugly.”

According to the Clarke-Oconee Genealogical Society, by 1860 slaves made up nearly half the population of Clarke County.

 Although Carson attended the University of North Carolina, she was a Athens, Georgia native.

County records prove that a Walter Carson of Clarke County was a slave owner; and, according to a NBFSN historian, “in remote populations kinsmanship is more likely than not when the surname is the same.”
UPDATE: REPARATIONS OFFENDER EVE CARSON DENIED HOLOCAUST IN LAST BREATH, ASKED REPARATIONS PROTESTERS ATWATER & LOVETT TO “PRAY TO WHITE PEOPLE’S INVISIBLE GOD” WITH HER – UPDATE: Vile and flagrant reparations offender Eve Carson, whose family is suspected of direct Trans Atlantic slave trade ownership reportedly denied reparations and the Trans Atlantic Holocaust even in her last moments of life. ” (Link)

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