(BREAKING) "DIVINE RACIAL KARMA HATED WENDY FISHER & ADORES TRAYON WASHINGTON!" NBFSN Universal Race Karma Translator Hallowed Yclept; (UPDATE) Mobile County Black Foot Soldiers Issue Condemnation Against "Reparations Offender & White Supremacist Fisher," … " Brother Trayon is clearly chosen & a divine spirit of retribution" … "Denial of Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Reparations is white supremacy…"

“It is clear that brother Trayon Washington was chosen by God to visit the father’s sins upon the heads of the sons and in this case the son was a conscienceless, white devil daughter. Wendy Fisher dyed her hair, tattooed her body, wore her flimsy revealing clothes, lived her party girl life and had her piggish children without ever even making an attempt to make restitution for her kind’s generational race crimes against any in the family of the people of color her kind racially terrorized and oppressed. The blessing today is that Divine Racial Karma found her values, lifestyle and belief system an abomination and scratched her contemptible being from the face of the earth.,” Mobile Black Foot Soldier Moses Abernathy is reported as saying.

Tell Kyser Hello From the Field Niggers!” 

According to sources, the fourty year old reparations offender was crossing the street in front of her home to get her dog. While some say she yelled at the car brother Trayon was in and imply she did not use any verbal racial epithets, Mobile County Yakub Muslims believe Fisher may have uttered “nigger” under her breath or that she might have even been hurling racial epithets toward the car in thought when she recognized its occupants were blacks. “Trayon may have very well experienced a moment of extra sensory perception (ESP) clarity because of the high amount of Ultraviolet Light in the atmosphere on the day of the shooting.” A Mobile County Yakub Muslim contact says.

 “God was already vomiting this hypocritical mutant from his belly because of her apparent self centered racial narcissism and her racist historical buy-ins, but if she was one of the whites who tries to get away with secretly thinking ‘nigger’ when she sees blacks but who didn’t know of the new evolutionary age we’ve entered, then the black experience she discovered was the one she deserved.”

According to sources, Washington was out on bond for six felony offenses when he picked up the murder charge for the shooting of Wendy Fisher. Washington’s previous offenses include burglaries, several receiving stolen property and a possession charge. 

According to Mobile County Black Foot Soldier Zachary Culbertson, however, the charges against Trayon are proof that “God needed a brother with no fear of the white devil’s criminal justice system and who had no respect for his laws to stand against ‘demon’ Fisher.” 

“Wendy Fisher was a white demon who in the vain of her kind cared more about a dog than she did for making restitution for her kind’s crimes against those her kind oppress – her black neighbors. Our communities are safer that she can no longer threaten us with her violent reparations denial. Praise God divine racial karma struck her down. We demand the release of our innocent brother and Soldier Trayon Washington – who did nothing more than defend himself against white racial terrorism.” Culbertson says.

  1. Mobile Field Nigga J. White said:

    Just like the rest of her kind she tried to have her fucking nose turned up in the air and thought she had the right to try to tell a nigga something when she was fucking with Black Foot Soldiers READY to used by Divine Racial Karma to, by God, return unto to Mobile County whites what their kind deserve for the unrestituted for atrocities they continue commit against us by still yet denying reparations.

    Praise God Wendy Fisher can't harm and threaten our people no more!

  2. Mobile Soldier Douglas Robertson said:

    They had this nasty white trash's funeraltoday. They say some niggas was pissing on cars in the parking lot but we don't know nothing about it. She didn't deserve to be buried in Mother Earth. Her racist corpse should have been thrown out into the streets for the dogs to maul.

  3. Anonymous said:

    its time to ship you black animals back africa ,you are clearly a threat to any civilized humans !

  4. Anonymous said:

    I'd suggest you niggers look up and read, if you can, about the Day of the Rope. That is the divine retribution you mud demons are in for. Whites didn't curse you, God cursed you. You are the descendants of the sons of Ham.

  5. Anonymous said:

    Your hatred is clouding your intellect. Focus your energy on destroying the machine that creates this bigotry..I.E. the media, the powerful, the rich. The people which get away with atrocities of murder, and general life ruining of the little people, the poor and the powerless. You are falling right into their hands by hating whites as are the white racist assholes which focus their hate on blacks. The media is the bitch of the government, they promote this hatred between races in order to sway us from focusing on their evils. This is not a black or white issue these issues are class issues between the rich and the poor. Whites have been enslaved throughout history here is one example:
    I think your organization could accomplish much more if you realized you are fighting for the wrong cause. Had to say it.

  6. Anonymous said:

    If Whitey wanted to spread hatred of blacks, this website would be the perfect tool. If this website actually IS run by black persons, then know that you are simply playing into the hands of racists. Congratulations, you are shooting yourself in the foot, culturally.

  7. Anonymous said:

    Thank god more people are waking up and being on guard around Africans . George Zimmerman knew what Africans are all about with their simian brains . You niggers want reparations ?Ill tell you what 95% of white people wont , FUCK YOU. How about we reparations you filthy asses back to Africa where you belong , go live in your mud huts and stick your head in cow piss to bleach your nappy fucking hair .

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