Marley Lion Reparations Protest UPDATE! Activists Ryan Deleston, Julius Brown, Bryan Rivers & George Brown Hailed "Heroes" in Courageous Stand Against Generational Repara-tions Offender Suspected of Turning Protest Violent, Forcing Brothers to Defend Selves

  1. Aarron Malik Gershwin said:

    Fuck reparations offender Marley Lions! Fuck everything he stood for!
    Fuck all those who mourn and or support him. Because if you support or mourn for Marley Lion, you support and mourn for white racial terrorism. As stated, our communities and citizens are safer w/o him!

  2. la soldier lil' malcolm x said:

    Fuck Marley Lion!

  3. Anonymous said:

    What are yall the nigger westboro?

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