BUSTED: REPARATIONS OFFENDER AMBER DELOACH FAMILY OWNED SLAVES! "We are thankful this generational racial terrorist, who sought to continue the treacherous legacy of her people through the concealment of her family name’s involvement in purchasing & owning slaves, can no longer assault our people w/violent Trans Atlantic Slave Trade reparations Holocaust denial," Savannah Black Foot Soldier Ebenezer Creek

 Was eighteen year old reparations offender Amber Deloach a descendant of William DeLoach Jr. and ultimately of Michel DesLoges whose family, after arriving in America in about 1664 to escape France during the time that the Huguenots were suffering from religious intolerance, and often state sponsored abuse and imprisonment, appears to have used black slaves with the contemptible disregard many hope her family feels today at finding their so ill-gained, richly invested in St. Vincent’s Academy and Islands High Schoo alumni  daughter’s charred remains disposed of like litter left street side near the Yamacraw Village Public Housing projects.

According to research provided by author and journalist Waldorf Caruthers, “It is likely that all persons in the United States with the surname of DeLoach, DeLoache, DeLoatch, or any of the other variant spellings, are descendants of Michel DesLoges.”

“The original Slaves acquired by the the Deloach family  were bequeathed to them,” Caruthers says. “Citing them as owning slaves, over a century later, the Deloach family name appears on Censuses and in other historical documentation in Alabama and also, (here), Georgia (as cited in the JPG above), South Carolina and Tennessee. As a notable mention, Samuel Deloach Jr of Edgefield County is cited as owning seventy-five slaves. While research at this point finds no Deloach’s owning slaves in Chatham County, David J. Deloach of Wayne County is listed as owning (at least 3) slaves.”

“These no-good whites come over here all the time to buy drugs & black thug sex – pimping our souls  out. Everybody in the hood was relieved and happy when we seen it was that car and that devil inside.” 

– Yamacraw Black Foot Soldier Chris Johnson

According to Savannah Black Foot Soldier sources, on Wednesday,  thirty-six year old Chatham County GhettoBraggingRights fave Shan Demetrius Cheley was charged with murder in the Divine Racial Karma retribution visitation. Additionally on Wednesday, author Waldorf Caruthers began releasing publicly and outside the NBFSN both Census and historical information potentially establishing the Deloach family as direct Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) profiteers. 

  1. Anonymous said:

    Why don't you dumb Jiggaboos find something constructive to do with the free time your welfare check gives you?

    You dumb niggers don't even know the meaning of a “false Flag attack”. You see white people identifying the twin towers attack that your Jew slave masters
    did and tried to pin on Bin Laden and you call cyber attacks directed at your server by all people who simply don't care to put up with your black supremacist bullshit false flag attacks! You are about some dumb motherfuck'in Niggers Fo Sho!

  2. All you PRICKS who think Autumn deserved to die can go ROT with scumbags Justin and Dante.

  3. danigauluv2hate said:

    Justin and Donte are heroes of Divine Race Karma who fulfilled being one of the spirits of retribution the universe ordered against your kind because of your refusal to make up for your generational race crimes.

  4. RAPTOR said:

    Fuck Autumn, Amber and Jennifer. Race karma despised all 3 of them! So, no, according to Divine Race Karma, Amber wasn't burned to death enough.

  5. Reparationsoffendervolunteer said:

    what would it be a sane Reparations process ?

    is it a worldwide process so it involves whites in Europe as it seems fair ?
    has any white's property to be listed ? how can the payment be done ?
    The Divine Race Karma applies only before this Reparations plan is implemented ?
    Are Africans include as beneficiaries or only “African Americans” in the whole American continent ?

    So far the Divine Race Karma seems to imply punishment by rape and/or death for whites.
    When the Reparations are not evaded anymore and duly implemented, what will be the Divine Race Karma for whites ? to be slaves for Blacks ?

    What are the ideas of the National Black Foot Soldier Network on the practical aspects of a justified, fair Reparations process ?

    thanks for any clarification.

  6. Anonymous said:

    Hi nigger!

  7. This is why slavery happened u all are going to hell if u think that it's OK for something like this to happen regardless of race u all are fucked up in the head… Race karma seriously!? Wtf!? What about all the mixed kids what's their race karma getting burned half to death? U WERE NOT A SLAVE!!!. UR just taking credit for some shit ur ancestors went thru. Stop being stupid just cuz ur ancestors went thru something doesn't mean ur held down by the same shit its all about ur actions. How u carry urself what u do with ur life. Generational Race crimes wow. So what about ur race crimes now? Are Ur future generations going to be punished for that? Are ur children's children going to be burned alive for ours? Racism happens both ways the fact is somebody's child sister mother wife cousin baby girl was brutally murdered what if it was ur child? Yeah I put my real name on all my posts cuz I'm not hiding shit.

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