REPORT: Thug turned Reparations Activist Lemaricus Davidson Survives Alleged Brutal Attack for life at Brushy Moutain Concentra-tion Camp; Tennesee Penitentiary Islam Order Investigation; “According to God & Divine Racial Karma, Channon Christian & Chris New-som were unrepentant 4th generation removed from slavery criminals who continued to deny Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust Repara-tions until the day of their deaths. ‘I will visit the sins of the fathers upon the heads of the sons to the 3rd & 4th generations’ Exodus 20:5

Tennessee Penitentiary Islam elders are declining comment of details of an alleged attack on thug turned reparations activist and, ultimately, vessel of Divine Race Karma Lemaricus Davidson – but they are calling for an official investigation into the alleged attack. (Developing…)

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