1. Anonymous said:

    LOL. I've never met a Palestinian who didn't hate niggers with a passion. Most of em run corner shops and have to deal with the dumbest, thievenest, violent street apes imaginable. They might not hate you when they first get off the plane, but after a few days they fall in line with everyone else. Poor poor niggers. Got no friends nowhere.

  2. danigauluv2hate said:

    Whites crying like 'niggers' that the 'Jews' own the banks and the 'Jews own the media' and the Jews owned the slave ships … and the mother fuckers they talk about ain't even Jews! LOL! Funny to hear these carcinogenic skinned abominations to nature whine about not having any power and then, still thinking it's offensive, resorting to using the word nigger because it's the only thing they (think) they can offend with (like above). L(thefuck)OL!


    What happened to your plantations?

    What happened to your slaves?

    What happened to your segregation?

    What happened to your “Separate but Equal”?

    What happened to you 'traditional white president?

    What's happening to your skin in the Sun of God?

    Enjoy what little time you have left!

  3. Anonymous said:

    Lol how's your sickle cell.

  4. Anonymous said:

    Oh and my skin is fine btw. Its white and olive. No problems at all mother fucker. Hater! Your little light skinned ass better go get a mole check, ya'all are getting skin cancer too!!!Oh, as well as every disesase wayyyyyyyy more than whites or my beautiful greek self.

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