A Lifetime of Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Reparations Denial, CONDEMNED! "He thought he’d get away with it. He didn’t." The Divine Race Karma Killing of Vile Reparations Offen-der Wolfgang Joppich; Cumberland County Black Foot Soldiers CROWN Terrane Kulaia Dukes for "courage in being used as God’s Vessel of Retribution against white supremacism."

– Sponsored by the Fayetteville & Cumberland County Black Foot Soldiers

Perhaps until the day sixty seven year old reparations offender Wolfgang Joppich met eighteen year old reparations protester Terrane Dukes, the elderly generational race criminal thought he’d get away with his life-long  white supremacist Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) reparations and Holocaust denial. But on Sunday, under the apparent guidance  of Divine Race Karma, a courageous Dukes brought Joppich’s generational, anti-black racial terrorism to his attention.


“Wolfgang Joppich was the kind of white Divine Racial Karma hated,” controversial Cumberland County Black Foot Soldier Govan Ward said in an emergency meeting held to show suppoprt for Dukes and, reportedly, to desecrate  the memory of Joppich that many county whites are trying to project of him as a “friendly” and “caring” person. 

“Despite what this county’s filthy white devils are saying, we know that this white dog Joppich was neither friendly or caring because not once in the entirety of his life did he make a public statement about the un-made-up-for racial atrocities his kind have committed and continue to commit (by way of their denial of reparations) against ours. 

But be not deceived! For the only reason these morally reprobate whites think life-failure Joppich was good is because they embrace the same degenerate values he embraced. So we know that as Divine Racial Karma despised him, Divine Racial Karma despises them too.”

Reportedly, Joppich was found unconscious about 8 p.m. Sunday on Tally-Ho Drive behind Krispy Kreme off Bragg Boulevard. He had a single gunshot wound to the chest and was pronounced dead at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. Many Soldiers throughout the county say they are relieved the aging racial terrorist is dead and, because it is deemed as a threat to impressionable blacks, can no longer present himself in the racially terroristic illusionary role of a good white man.



“In the courage it takes to allow yourself to be used by Divine Racial Karma when the spirit of God moves upon you, we know today that brother Terrane is a hero today who stands in the path of righteousness. For though that great and old white devil will persecute him greatly now for his sacrifice for righteousness’ sake, we know that Allah chose him because of his courage and love. And though, for the glory of God, he will endure many stripes here, he – lest The Day of The Great Earthquake arrives – will be richly blessed in the Kingdom of Heaven.


  1. Cumberland Soldier Vincent Jarod said:

    Nail on the head, my nigga! Wolgang was JUST ANOTHER WHITE DEVIL just like Cumberland County's other 176,000 whites. Fuck him & Racist Fayetteville Police Regime Terrorist Jerry Schrecker!

  2. bro rakeem wall fayetteville soldier said:

    That's how u kno yts r w/o consciences cos the really think they don't have to a) stop their racial terror; and, b) make restitution for their crimes!

    Thank God He sicced Divine Racial Karma Wolfgang!

  3. yung cakez fayetteville soldier said:

    Shout out to my Emily Haddock reparations protester Michael Graham Currie! Fuck Whyte America! Free my niggas!


    Fucks out to anti black racial terrorist Anthony Chavonne, James Arp,Robert Hurst, Wade Fowler, racist white police regime terrorist Tabor, white devil Jerry Schrecker 'n special fuck out to Cumberland County Sheriff regime terrorist Earl Butler.

    Ooh, and FUCK generational anti black racist Wolfgang Joppich too!

  5. Anonymous said:

    I just read some great news. Has this cracker here laughing out loud. Negroes like yourself are “attaining” as Magic would say, the AIDS virus like it's going out of style.

    Just about all new cases of da Aids is getting all up inside yalls azzes.

    In a few decades YT and the rest of the humans won't have to deal with you savages. You'll be history. And not one worth noting either.


  6. peckerwood said:

    wow, they let you animals use computers in prison? Good job knee grows, yet another one of yo peeps in the pen. If you monkeys could do “maff” you'd realize that you've used up your so called reparations and then some. It's not cheap to lock you boons up or to support all the little niglets your she-boons crank out at a prodigious (that means “a lot”)rate. You jungle bunnies have about as much chance at getting reparations as having a father that stuck around. Oh yeah, big ups to the fake ass jailhouse mooselimbs. Gods fucking clowns.

  7. Anonymous said:

    I hide all my valuables under job applications.

    Perfectly safe here

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