"This filthy, fake blonde, fake blue eyed, certainly demon possessed white devil & unrepentant reparations offender Kayla Peterson either forgot, didn’t know or disregarded her kind’s race crimes against us. The next time a nigger child asks any of you nasty white, racially psychotic cunts for anything you’ll remember your kind’s unforgiven racial sins & make haste to remember your guilt & give," Allegheny County Black Foot Soldier Stephen Whitaker Girard

Allegheny County Black Foot Soldiers call for blacks across the Pennsylvania to continue praying, fasting & fighting for the ‘racist & economically oppressive’ regime of white America to fall. MUST SEE UPDATE:  RACIST AMERICAN FLAG COLORED BOW PINNING SNAREY 4 YEAR OLD EVIL NIECE HAIR

“Because we live in fear of them, the deaths of  white reparations offenders and white racial terrorists is a blessing for brothers and sisters in and all throughout Pennsylvania.
“It is especially a blessing for those of us in the neighboring counties of Washingtion, Lawrence, Butler and here in Allegheny who had opportunity racially assaulted by this apparently racially psychotic terrorist Kayla Peterson.

“Let us thank God, today for our young brothers Todavia Cleckley and Marcus Velasquez who were filled with the holy spirit of Divine Racial Karma for God’s purpose of shining light on continued Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust denial of these Gentilian white devils who call themselves human but are only mankind.  ” 
 Allegheny County Black Foot Soldier Stephen Girard
– Philly Black Foot Soldier Zachariah Walker
  1. Anonymous said:

    Go fuck yourself you cowardly scumbag nigger punks!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Thank God for the Sickle Cell you Nigger Cunts!

  3. danigauluv2hate said:

    Nigga, this what this devil said: A 22-year-old Pennsylvania mom was shot in the gut after she'd allegedly told a trio of teens to “get a job” when she saw them bumming a smoke from her boyfriend.

    U kno she said it and tried fo fling her fake blonde ass hair around like them nasty ass, black dick sucking female whyte pigs try to do cos they think they superior.

    Divine Race Karma answered that bitch. People should piss and spit on her body at the funeral.

  4. Anonymous said:

    Cigarettes kill. If I were rich I'd buy every nigger as many carcinogen smokes as they could handle.

  5. Anonymous said:

    before you get pissed off, you should know this site is a hoax. look up “yakub muslims”. this site, and all its sister sites, are run by one bitter, angry white man. he's trying to piss white ppl off so they start hating blacks.

  6. Anonymous said:

    she be guilty of not recognizin' da dopeness of da brothaz. holla back!!!

  7. Anonymous said:

    White women are superficial garbage and this one is just another example of the depths of the garbage they are.

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