The 3 Black Males Every Black Foot Soldier Wanna Be: The Protesters Who Defended Themselves in the Coach Steve Johnson Reparations Protest! … "While in the parking lot he was approached by 3 black males" … San Bernardino County Black Foot Soldiers Praise Pro-testers’ Courage; Many question whether racially reprobate coach has learned lesson

  1. Eisenhower Soldier Deon said:

    He think that cos he a coach and coach niggas he don't owe. He like to say shit like everybody got the same opportunity and shit but all in all he just another white devil. Wish I was one of the 3 forced to defend themself against him.

  2. Rialto Soldier 'Lex Varner said:

    “Coach” Steve Johnson is just another white racist reparations offender living in denial that he's responsible for his race's race crimes. Wish I was 1 of the 3.

  3. inthenameofx said:

    Just another whyte pig.

  4. Anonymous said:

    he got da nerve to not even die! whut up wit dat!

  5. Anonymous said:

    You all need help, WTF is wrong with you, I think you must be possessed or something. God help you. If you come near me I'll shoot you in the face!

  6. Anonymous said:

    The darker the skin the smaller the brain. Niggers are the scourge of humankind. Just like Ham assraping his daddy Noah. Niggers been assraping mankind since Noah cursed him and God damned him.

  7. Dawud Gerschelis said:

    He didn't learn a goddamn thing for because they prefered their reprobate ways, Allah sealed their eyes, ears and hearts so that now they can no longer even perceive good. They are an example to the universe and all its beings of what not to be.

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