The Divine Racial Karma Killing of Wayne, Celina & Mom Heather Jackson; "Don’t hate the messenger Curtis Clinton. Hate yourselves. Whites of today are as conscienceless & as racially psychotic as their forefathers. The denial of Trans Atlantic Slave Trade reparations is white supremacy," Divine Racial Karma says… (Translated by karmic interpreter Hallowed Yclept)

  1. niggerjesus said:

    White people think their babies and children are innocent when, according to Divine Racial Karma, they are now being born to suffer the returned and amplified racial atrocities their kind have committed against others so that all living beings can know what nature does to those who act as such and the fates Divine Racial Karma writes for them so they can suffer the torture they are due and be mocked.

  2. Anonymous said:

    You can tell all her pride was in her carcinogenic blonde hair and skin and you can see that those are Rosemary's babies.

  3. anonymous soldier x said:

    I don't know why anyone would expect this insatiable white beast to have any morality.

    It's a blessing that she can't racially terrorize our people anymore and those evil babies will never have a chance too.

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