RELIVE: The Divine Racial Karma Smiting of Reparations Offender Marion Hedges! "We are thankful to all who prayed that this Holocaust denying, race hypocrite & psychotic cunt might go blind. Our prayers have been successful. As a result of the karmic retribution she received for her renown race hypocrisy, racial terrorist Masion Hedges has lost vision in her left eye. Praise God & fuck Marion Hedges," NY Black Foot Soldier Caesar Stuyvesant

Reparations offender Marion Hedges had reportedly just loaded up on candy she’d purchased at Costco that she intended to hand out last night to trick-or-treaters on her Upper West Side — and across town at the Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center on E. 93rd St., where she volunteered. 

But, according to Harlem Black Foot Soldiers, Hedges was miraculously struck down by God before she would have the opportunity to deceive inner-city children about the goodness of whites with her poisonous, token gifts of candy this year. 

“Today we should give thanks to God because he struck this vile creature named Marion Salmon Hedges whose cup ranneth over with hypocrisy.

“47 year-old real estate exec & flagrant reparations offender wanted to live like a fashion celebrity while doing charity work in community centers for the peo- ple her lavish lifestyle infringed upon to absolve her of her guilt. But Allah has made her eat her shopping basket wherein she filled with brand names and other expensive unneeded wants. How worthy was this to happen on All Hallow’s Eve?”

“Bitch lives on the Upper West Side, does volunteer work at the Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center  and was going to spend her evening passing out candy to our so called lesser privileged and at-risk little brothers and sisters here in our community,” NY BFS Caesar Stuyvecant charged in a rally near the Isaacs Neighborhood Center to show condemnation for the blatant reparations offender and to coordinate an anti recovery pray vigil for her critical condition. “Our God took his very hand and struck this filthy valued Gentile, who had spent all her life affording herself and her family the finer things, down. But considering how she lived her life in comfort without regard to how her comfort was afforded off the discomfort of others and filling her baskets in stores with name brand foods and clothes, wouldn’t it have been justified had God thrown a shopping cart down from a second story walkway onto her head – instead of smiting her with back of his very blackened hand himself?” He waged.

 “I’m sure you could catch her on 110th & Amsterdam flinging her non melaninated hair around like she’s was a star and dressing and striking poses like she was a celebrity.”

Stuyvecant words met laughter and applause from the reported near one-hundred Soldiers who gathered with onlookers and other community members who assembled to show support the condemnation. “Stay on the Upper West Side, Bitch! Praise God! Our children don’t want yo’ candy,” some in the audience reportedly called out in rejection of Hedges’ so-called good. Others reportedly shouted out: “white charity ain’t reparations bitchPraise God for the basket!”

“It’s in God’s hands,” reparations offender Michael Hedges, Marion’s husband, is reported as saying with  tears in his eyes. “You see her laying there, unconscious in the bed, with 50,000 tubes in her. She has absolutely no recognition, not even a glimmer of anything.” But calling him a generational race criminal, supporter of Western global terrorism and reparations offender,  NY Soldiers condemned him too. He cries for her because he embraces the same vile values, one Soldier is quoted as saying. “If he had any human decency he’d know she’d lived a life worthy of stoning.”

According to sources, Hedges remains unresponsive in Harlem Hospital. According to NY BFS sources, there is some talk that they may approach local Yakub Muslims and petition them to drink the last cup of water against Hedges so that her vain life might be taken.

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