1. muhdik said:

    Soon nigger. Soon.

  2. DiShvartzenZenenAundzerUmglik said:

    You wonder why we call you Schvartze? You wonder why we cringe when Schvartzes move into our neighborhoods and chimp out like in a pogrom (Russian word for mob action like the ones against the Jews in Russia.) The Final Solution against the Jews made the Southern plantations look like Disneyland. You folks think that violence against white folks, Gentile or Jewish, is a “reparations protest?” If anyone needs to be giving out reparations, it's the Schvartzes to the good Christian and Jewish people for all the bloodbaths created after the Civil Rights era. No wonder you guys have the same skin color as leeches, you all including the President (יש”ו) have been sucking good hard working White Jews and Christians dry.

  3. Dawud Gerschelis said:

    We don't wonder why your kind call us anything. Racial terrorism has always been and remains the staple of your race.

    Congrats and good luck with SPF!

  4. Anonymous said:

    yo mang, where da lub? dese keeids was jes' playin'. da gun jes' wen off by issef. damn y'all, dey jes' chillinz yo, recanize!

  5. Anonymous said:

    Fuck all of you niggers!!! Illiterate piece of shit! Your entertainment. No more, no less. Sports is the only reason your allowed to live next to your MASTER'S. With that being said, why don't you & your little fucking nigglets go the fuck back to Africa with the rest of the Aids infested fucking monkey's you were shit from!!!

  6. inthenameofx said:

    I bet evil little Antonio Santiago would have grown to have thought the same thing… . Glad he can't now.

  7. Anonymous said:

    Why haven' you guys done a story on Chris Dorner?

    The black cop that turned on the LAPD. It was an international story.

  8. DiShvartzenZenenAundzerUmglik said:

    Dawud, spoken like a trash talking Canaanite Schvartze. Go read Genesis 9:22-27; you're just a bit too sore that the Israelites threw you to the depths of Africa and that the good Christian Japhethites had to take you cursed children of Canaan out of Africa to drill Christian morality into your thick hard pea brained Schvartze Canaanite skulls. Unfortunately, you people reverted to your Canaanite savage ways sucking the good White and Asian peoples dry. We might die from the UV rays but that is just the flesh; we will be resistant to the second death when all you Schvartze children of Canaan will get your just deserts in hell and will look up to Heaven begging Abraham to send the victims of their crimes to cool your tongues with a single drop of water, for you will be burning in eternal torments no longer able to blame Whitey for your predicament.

  9. Unknown said:

    Inthenameofx , your mama should abort you now. Im sure she would be ashamed of you even forming that thought. You suck at life.

  10. Anonymous said:

    Living, breathing, consuming and thinking negative is an energy killer. If only people understood positive energy is the only way to be. A constant battle between the two keeps the chains on. One man is not any free as the next. Both sides live in a nightmare and its sad to see both sides will not ever find peace…ever! The reality of this war is your hauntings with in yourselves. To much thinking and too little of zen. Hate will kill hate and vise versus. Population control created by our higher being. Our earth and universe is not happy and she as well as our sun god will rid anything that hinders our growth. Think about it…animals and all of our creatures are pure. They only do what is embedded into them. There's no discrimation or hate. They are survivors and peace builders. They kill prey to consume but they as well know they could be prey themselves. They have an unwritten rule with life. The circle of life. We humans don't need to kill each other…our survival does not depend on another race, religion or creed. We are suppose to live in harmony. To rid all negative or hate. Throw away the ego and start living! All people of all shades can be affected by skin cancer…it's not one color. African American/Black men have the highest incidence rate for prostate cancer in the United States and are more than twice as likely as White men to die of the disease. Does that mean the moon goddess and Mother Nature are out to put an end to the black man from producing off springs? http://www.m.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/features/why-7-deadly-diseases-strike-blacks-most
    I'm apaulled by the ignorance in what was written up above.
    Whites are number one for the highest death rate for skin cancer.


    “Across the board, if you look at the 15 leading causes of death in the U.S., blacks have higher death rates than whites in about 12 of them, including heart disease, cancer and stroke,” said David Williams, the Norman professor of public health at the Harvard School of Public Health.

    And I'm sure most doctors and surgeons are white. Don't bite the hand that heals. It would actually be refreshing if people started to love and care for themselves first than to everyone else. Only than we would have peace.


  11. Anonymous said:

    Anonymous you shall forever sleep with one eye open your a mutant genetic defect. Your a recessive non dominant soon to be extinct you non melanin man. Grab your sunscreen and go .underground you cancer prone festering boil on mankinds ass yes you.

  12. Blue Eyed Diggaz said:

    Yeah. Get it from the jews. They did da slave trade.

    Real whites didn't do that. They have morals, but you guys are too stupid to see the real enemy.
    Listen to Farrakhan! Dudes

    The jews can print the money. Then they steal it again from you. We need separate nations (and systems).

    The jews owe also to the real whites! I tell ya.

    Love to da black nation! Greetz.

  13. Anonymous said:

    You stupid niggers will regret the day you start a war against us ebil YT's!

  14. Anonymous said:

    More proof that niggers are subhuman. The apes should be lynched. I'm just glad Treycoon Martain was made good. He is happier up in da big wattermellon patch in da sky.

  15. Anonymous said:

    how dare dat baby ram its hayd into da blah manz gun! psssss!

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