Damned by Divine Racial Karma & refusing Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Reparations, SEE: US Military Regime Racial Terrorist James Vester’s LAST STAND! ""Fuck reparations offender & savage warmonger James Vester & fuck all he stood for. Our heroes today are the Kincade brothers. They are the real Soldiers! They stood up for righteousness. It is a blessing Vester can deny our true Holocaust no longer" – Marion County Soldier Eli Ladd III

  1. Anonymous said:

    Your statements are unfounded. This ridiculous website wouldn't even exist if it weren't for servicemen and servicewomen upholding your right to freedom of speech, which you are obviously using abusively in support of malice. The Kincaide brothers are criminals and no one owes a black man or black woman a damn thing. GET OVER IT. Do you see Jews whining and behaving heinously because of the holocaust?!? Yeah, I didn't think so. The misinformation, racism, and immorality of this site is truly disappointing and disgusting.

  2. Anonymous said:

    United States Military Regime racial terrorists disguising themselves as righteous men of war instead of murdering and raping and stealing for your kind's piggish greed and psychotic racial purposes are not men of valor.

    Fuck you and them.


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