"Fuck the state commissioned white police terror regime. " – Bexar County Black Foot Soldier God Yusuf King Yaqub & Hundreds of San Antonio Black Foot Soldiers Launch New Series of Protests: Should Soldiers Target Stores Not Honoring My Skin Is My Receipt & Secretly Destroy Merchandise? "Certainly we would never want that to happen, would we?"

  1. Anonymous said:

    I seen yall burn money before it tripped me out at first now im wit it.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Pathetic. This site and the blackfoot group is joking right? Nobody owes you shit. You weren't slaves, your sorry ass mothers and non existent fathers weren't, your grandparents werent, your great grandparents werent……. This is hilarious! Keep pulling the black on white crime and more whites wake up day to day and realize whats going on. Soon armies of whites will fight back. Whites are the new slaves and victims in this backwards retarded society. It won't last. Without whites spoon feeding you parasites you could never male it on your own. In history the Jews have been treated far worse and persecuted to almost extinction yet I never hear them making excuses, wanting a hunch of free shit and being a general crime committing drain on society. They are too busy being good parents and actually taking care of their kids, growing businesses and producing in society. The black race obviosuly never will as they never have in the history of their failed existence. The whole lot of you are pathetic and a joke. Feel proud in your pathetic hell you have created for yourselvesyourselves as nobody is to blame but your generations of poor parenting. You are the root of your entire races problems. Nobody alive today owned slaves and none of you lazy self entitled sub humans were slaves so please continue to stick your hand out wanting more free shit. Everyone is beginning to catch onto your bullshit so keep acting like the retarded racist crime infested culture that you are. I see it everywhere and here it everywhere. People of all races are getting fed up with the black races lazy “you owe me” bullshit attitude. Unfortunately I foresee a race war happening in the future and obviosuly the black race has not the resources, money, power, strength, work ethic, discipline, or intelligence to win. When that unfortunate war happens and they are crushed of course it will be all evil whiteys fault again. Wake up assholes you are the most racist group in america today. You spread hate, disease, crime, death and the stench of your lazy self imposed poverty everywhere you go. Nobody outside of your own race gives a shit about you or what you think you are owed for something you never even experienced. If society was perfect they would cut all your subsidized housing, your ebt food programs and your other free shit and let you starve to death or actually work like every other race in america has to. The black race is much like the dinosaurs, they will eventually go extinct in america as there won't be enough whites to pay for all your free shit one day and you will all starve to death. You guys are amazing. I cant believe there are people this stupid in society. You really have no hope of ever prospering and as a whole are too dumb to even realize it. If you worthless fucks spent as much time trying to improve your own race by targeting the poor parenting by all the black breeders maybe your pathetic useless crime infested lives would improve. It starts at home and blacks of course dont even have a father figure present at home most of the time. Its just a testament to how lazy and worthless your race actually is. You bunch of irresponsible, lazy, self entitled cockroaches roaches of society.

  3. anonymous soldier x said:

    @ Keep pulling the black on white crime and more whites wake up day to day and realize whats going on.

    Until reparations is paid, there's no such thing as 'black on white crime'.

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