He married a dog (Jennifer) … . Had Nathan Trapuzzano forgotten his Italian (black) roots to embrace the psycho racist, anti black values of America? Marion County Black Foot Soldiers praise 16 year old protester Simeon Adams’ discernment in face of Family of the People of Color (FOTPOF) traitors, condemn Trapuzzano allegedly turning peaceful protest violent

  1. Anonymous said:

    Hey niggers…. What will you do when the EBT and race card run out? The soft white liberals will be hiding under their bed and the rest of White America is better armed than any fed. You will be shot down in the streets, in the woods, and your carcasses will litter the trees for hundreds of miles. Your 70IQ will not help you.

  2. Anonymous said:

    How DARE you disparage this man. Shame on you.

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