The Divine Racial Karma BEATDOWN of Poor White Trash Reparations Offender Dora Hemp: "Did she forget the Slave Named Peter’s back & that she deserves this 70 times 7?" Divine Racial Karma says (translated by NBFSN DRK translator Hallowed Yclept); Dayton (Ohio) Soldiers praise Dionte English’s courage to be used as righteous vessel of race karma

"DON"T YOU BE NEXT JENNIFER ROSS!" The 2011 Jennifer Ross Christmas Eve Reparations Protest Party in Orleans Square, Savannah Black Foot Soldiers Invite Local Whites Out to "Scene of Greatest Reparations Protest in Modern History" to Make Restitution for SlaveryWhen the universe turns it’s back on you, you can consider that God turning his back on you. You can consider that existence turning its back on you. You can consider that nature turning her back on you. And, here we stand in the year 2015 and now we know this is the place the self styled superior skinned white man finds himself in: the universe’s utter damnation,” says Michigan Black Foot Soldier William Sullivan. 

“The white man has broken each of the Universe’s Divine Laws, grossly violated the human rights of all the non-white citizens of the earth and without regard plundered the earth herself in selfish exploitation of her resources.As such, we must welcome this: the emergence of the universal age of the white man’s karmic retribution,” says NBFSN Divine Karma interpreter Hallowed Yclept. “We know now that when any atrocity befalls anywhite person at the hands of any person of color it is in accordance with the edict and bounty the universe has issued against them for their Universal Law violations, failure to make restitution for their racial crimes and crimes against the planet.” (Source)

Slavery: Why White America Today's Still Responsible; National Legal & Policy Center's "The Case Against Slave Reparations" by Peter Flaherty & John Carlisle Dismantled;
“While we can never advocate the unending racial violence against white the universe says they are due, we do recognize that across the world it is pouring out spirits of retribution that are seeking bodily hosts to carry out the terrible atrocities it has stored up for them. We are told that before the universe they will now be the showcase for all existence to bare witness to what happens to generational race criminals who refuse to make restitution forefathers’ racial atrocities and that the terrible woes they will eternally suffer will hold every species attention in awe and drive all of existence to both choose and love righteousness.”

  1. RAPTOR said:

    Filthy white cunt got nerve to cry like she didn't deserve it.

    • The only reason people claim this newspaper is “racist”, though it’s impossible or Blacks/Afrikans-in-amerikka to be racist, is because someone didn’t believe the alleged “victim” was really a victim, like RAPTOR said. Everybody knows that the Black/Afrikan male is almost 90% guaranteed to be convicted, if the alleged “victim” is white and especially a white female. RAPTOR makes a good point: Not everyone believes these alleged “victims.” Comments like the ones above do not give the SPLC (Southern poverty law center) good enough reason to go around labeling Blacks/Afrikans as hate-groups.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Holocaust denier! Where were her tears for her kind's generational criminal and terroristic acts against us.

    Dora Hemp is the worst kind of white (most likely Christian) on the planet.

    Good riddance!

  3. This site is the perfect test for freedom of speech in amerikka. Typically of course, Blacks/Afrikans in amerikka have been treated unfairly in the courts — that’s too polite for how white courts treat Blacks but typically whites have the greatest leniency, almost full protection when it comes to speech.

    Then at some point groups like Southern Poverty Law Center began listing racism white supremacist groups on their “hate-group” lists. And i naively thought the tides were changing; after all, this site itself truthfully disclaims any promotion or condoning of violence against whites or anyone. No-one who is unaffiliated with this site has no proof otherwise.

    So, whites who have no legal way to claim anything about blackfootsoldiers, resort to name-calling, using the most
    uttered word by whites since the late 19th century, a word i will not spell in its entirety: N_a.

    Currently however, no surprise to astute observers, the trend is to label any Black/Afrikan/Afrikan-in-amerikka group who espouses even the slightest distrust of whites, white amerikka, or even white media as “hate-groups.” i did notice online that a chapter or two o blackfootsoldiers are listed, as is the “Irritated Genie’s website” — the Final Call has been on SPLC’s hate-watch list for years. Free speech, where is it? No-one is so naive to think that the Klan or Aryans are being persecuted because of their speech. Those white groups have butchered, tortured, harassed, and lynched Blacks/Afrikans-in-amerikka.

    Who have the blackfootsoldiers or the Irritated Genie tortured/killed?

    As a white, yes, i read some of the blackfootsoldiers articles and feel shocked. Some of what is presented in your news articles seems insensitive to alleged “victims”. I’m referring to your news articles in defense of Afrikan-amerikkan male accused of alleged murders. (Not that i distrust your site, but a few of the alleged “victims” were white females and yet in my research i could not find obituaries, etc, proof they’d expired.)

    Which just points me toward conspiracies, because i do indeed find proof of the Afrikan-in-amerikka, the Black male, accused, convicted and sentenced for some degree of murder. IN EVERY INSTANCE, I FIND PROOF OF THE BLACK MALE’S ULTIMATE PUNISHMENT! So where exactly is the victim? Again, i trust that you report on what you find, and you obviously have skilled journalists in your employ with actual resources — i have neither so i could’ve overlooked items.

    Finally, and i’ve written way too much (i fear you’ll stop reading at the first sentence), i have been pro-Reparations or Afrikans in amerikka and throughout the diaspora or many years. I’m always interested in your news articles about “Reparations protest killings.” It would not surprise me if Reparations protest marches (anti-Reparations, that is) were on an increase. I suppose that angry Black victims of racism white supremacy could indeed clash with angry marchers. Whites are quite angry and hostile about the idea of Reparations. (The word makes them violent in some instances).

    Thank you for your news website. Freedom of speech for blackfootsoldiers if ted nugent gets to freely wave guns around and call it speech.

    atlanta/tallahassee/somewhere in the dirty south

    • Kimathi Runoko Rashidi Ayo II,
      Thank you for your careful critique & absolutely delightful demeanor! Both are VERY appreciated! In 2011, the Genie attempted an interview with Creaux Steele, one of our network publishers, before publishing this “investigative” article:

      Identifying the ‘Foot Soldiers’
      The late David Mills, a popular blogger whose online handle was “Undercover Black Man,” identified the pattern of unique terms referenced by the NBFSN blogs and concluded they were a hoax perpetrated by someone trying to provoke whites into hating blacks. Mills, a former newspaper reporter and Emmy-winning writer for HBO’s “The Wire,” devoted substantial effort to exposing them, and several times exchanged angry words online with various members of the network, who were especially enraged when they learned that he was black.

      After Mills died from an aneurism in 2010, a post on one network blog implied that Mills, though black, was essentially white and had earned his early demise. “David Mills’ soul got blue eyes,” it said.

      The NBFSN also has been much discussed on white nationalist hate sites. Members of Stormfront, the Web’s largest white racist forum, seem to agree with Mills’ theory, while posters on the racist and anti-Semitic Vanguard News Network believe the blogs are created by Jews as a way to foment tension between blacks and whites.

      These theories seem dubious at best. Far more likely, judging from the scant evidence available on their websites, the people who make up the NBFSN are drawn from the world of racist black nationalism.

      In fact, it seems very likely that they include many of the hundreds of Nuwaubians who largely disappeared from view after their leader’s imprisonment. They also may well include former followers of Yahweh ben Yahweh, a terrifying cult leader who was convicted of conspiracy to murder white people as an initiation rite at his Florida-based Nation of Yahweh, which reportedly once owned properties around the country valued at $100 million. Since his death in 2007, hundreds of his followers in the U.S. and Canada have dropped out of sight as well.

      Whether they are active Nuwaubians, people drawn from other black supremacist cults like the Nation of Yahweh, or freelancers who have created an entirely new concept, the National Black Foot Soldiers Network has brought Dwight York’s apocalyptic hatred of whites into the 21st century. York, whose release isn’t scheduled until the 22nd century, would be proud. (‘Black Foot Soldiers’ Blog Network Cheers Murders of Police Officers, SPLC)

      Outpost publisher,
      Aarron Malik Gershwin

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