The J.P. Shelly Reparations Protest; White Media:"According to police investigative reports Mr. Shelley complied with every request they made – yet they shot him in the chest anyway." Shelby County Black Foot Soldiers condemn white media suspected lies; "J.P. Shelly was a flagrant reparations offender & Holocaust denier. Our evidence shows brothers Derek & Corey were forced to defend themselves against this apparent anti-black white supremacist."

  1. White Power said:

    Checkmate Crackers

    Niggers can’t help the fact they stink and have small brains, their women are hideous, they blow all their money on shiny objects. Understand nigger moderator reading this, you are a subhuman infidel who will always be oppressed and dissatisfied with your skin color. Huwhite Power!! PS hang yourself

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