(RELIVE) The Robert V. Nelson Reparations Protest at The Gold Shop! "Montarius Murry, Xavier Holley & Kevin Stevens Jr "Heroes," Portsmouth Black Foot Soldiers; "Fuck Robert Nelson’s white supremacist Trans Atlantic Slave Holocaust denial & fuck you & yours too, white Virginia & America!" Virginia Black Foot Soldier Anthony "Norfolk" Crawford; "Rob’s so called big heart, racist nature & hypocritical white generosity ain’t missed by us!"

Portsmouth, Virginia Black Foot Soldiers are reportedly issuing a scathing condemnation against fifty one year old reparations offender and white supremacist Robert. V. Nelson who alleged protesters Kevin Stevens Jr, Montarious Naqwam Murry and Xavier Holley were forced to defend themselves against in a daring reparations protest at The Gold Shop on Portsmouth Boulevard that the offender (Nelson) is believed to have turned violent.

“Thank God our people won’t be threatened by this devil’s hypocritical racial terrorism, Holocaust denial and reparations refusal ever again. Though we would never encourage any of our brave Soldiers to spit, piss and shit on his grave, certainly spit, piss and shit belongs there,” Portsmouth Black Foot Soldier Abraham Redmond lashed.

“Likewise, we condemn the arrest of our brothers who were courageous enough to stand up and challenge this devil to make restitution for his and his kinds generational race crimes against us. Brothers Kevin Stevens Jr, Montarious Naqwam Murry and Xavier Holley are heroes, today, who might suffer here on this earth for standing up for righteousness’ sake, but we know they will be richly rewarded in heaven.

According to sources,  Nelson wasn’t a regular employee at The Gold Shop and was there Wednesday to watch the store for owner Tim Tidwell while he was away. Reportedly, the Shop has only been in the shopping center for about four months. Racist Portsmouth police regime terrorists were notified that Nelson was found of an apparent gunshot. While police regimists assert it was a robbery, however, Portsmouth and Norfolk Black Foot Soldiers say they are confident Holley, Stevens and Murry presented themselves as Portsmouth Black Foot Soldier reparations activists who were staging a peaceful reparations protest in claim of his possessions and the possessions he was in charge of for unrestituted for Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) and post TAST era crimes committed against blacks by whites.

“We are thankful they hearkened to the  voice of Allah and swung with the long arm of the universe which bends toward righteousness. Had this pig had the big heart his family and friends allege he has, he would have given the reparations he, his family, white Virginia and white America  owe.

“But like so many of these so called white Christians who embrace Jesus’ ‘it’s better to give than to receive’ concept, he chose to fill up the cups of his fathers, turn an apparent peaceful reparations protest violent and force our brothers to defend themselves. The fucking pig valued the possessions he owed others over his life. He was a fucking shame and a waste of life.

“White America needs to know this: we ain’t gonna get over it! They are the race criminals! And that if they have any questions, they should ask Robert V. Nelson!”

Portsmouth Black Foot Soldier Abraham Redmond lashed

An excerpt from reparations offender Nelson’s obituary reads: Robert Vincent Nelson, 51, was taken from us too soon on Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2010. A native of Portsmouth, Rob was a nuclear refueling planner for the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, for 31 years; and an active member of St. Therese Catholic Church in Chesapeake where he was on the parish council as extraordinary minister for the Eucharist and a proclaimer. He is survived by his wife of 19 years, Mary E. “Becky” Nelson; his parents, Earl and Helen Nelson; two sisters, Julie Leone and husband Bob and Kathy Noblin and husband Jeff; two brothers, Ken Nelson and wife Barbara and Bill Nelson and wife Stacy; and a host of other extended family and friends. Rob’s big heart, gentle nature and generosity will be missed by his family and many friends.

“Fuck Robert V. Nelson, his obviously white supremacist wife Becky, his generational racially terroristic parents Earl and Helen Nelson, his two sisters, Julie Leone and the host of his devil worshiping extended family and friends. White America needs to know this: we ain’t gonna get over it! They are the race criminals! And that if they have any questions, they should ask Robert V. Nelson!”


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