1. St. John the Baptist Parish Soldier Freddie Moore said:

    Fuck shouts out to reparations offenders Steve and Constance Finckbeiner who ain't smiling no more and who are damed to spend eternity at the LaPlace Feed store warning other white devils to make restitution for their kind's generational race crimes. White pigs.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Whoever is writing this trash is trying to sound smarter than they actually are by using words thrown together that make no sense and have no ACTUAL meaning at all!!! If you hate white people that bad, you need to analyze yourself and figure out why! Did someone that is white actually do something to you, your family or your friends DIRECTLY??!!The only racists are the people who concentrate on that subject in their mind most of the time, instead of using their time to actually get accomplishments done to better their own life or ones they love.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Niggers will be niggers. The only race that have and always choose to stay in the gutter!

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