"GET THEE BEHIND ME WHITE DEVIL!" The Hannah Bickley Reparations Protest & Divine Racial Karma Visitation! "Were Hannah’s last minutes like those of brothers David Boone, Frank Stack, George Ratcliffe or any of the other brothers unjustly lynched & murder-ed by the racist North Carolina state regime of whites? We can only thank Divine Racial Karma for beguiling Hannah` & applaud Aaron Byers for allowing himself to be used as its vessel of karmic retribution upon her." – North Carolina Black Foot Soldier Moses Grandy.

  1. Anonymous said:

    I know I am reading these articles but whoever writes these articles you are one messed up individual. Do you read the Holy Bible? Its not OK to murder anyone and for you to condone such acts what is wrong with you? Two lives have been ruined here the victim and the person or persons who will rot away in prison.

  2. This is sick and not the works of a Christian. I am devasted to see that ANY race would use hate to alleviate their own emotions. Understanding what ignorance is would be the first step in recovery. I am just saddened to know that people are traveling a route that will doom them to Hell. As you tuck your children in tonight, I want you to imagine the pain that BOTH of these children's parents are feeling. Then look at yourself in the mirror and hope to find yourself. I just pray that God has mercy on your soul, and that you can find peace within yourself. Lastly, I pray that nothing like this ever happens to you.

  3. Anonymous said:

    How is this RACIST GARBAGE even allowed to be posted?!? The only “DEVIL” in this tragedy, is the black thug gang member, whom chose to murder a beautiful white princess. This was certainly no “accident”, by any means. That filthy/monster/thug chose to pull the trigger, and commit a HATE CRIME! Hope he's having fun with his new girlfriend, big bubba, in prison!

  4. RAPTOR said:

    Divine race karma fixed that nasty white devil! Praise God and in the name of the ancestors, fuck that bitch!

  5. Anonymous said:

    Fuck you!!! How about that. You will burn in hell for this. But I am sure you know that. We didn't own slaves that was ancestors so in other words what if white people wrote this about YOUR family, ignorant mothafucka!! You ain't shit, your parents ain't shit for raising you that way, and hopefully all people like YOU get beat with whips and shit you low class bastard. Maybe your black ass mama can get some racist dick in her mouth you faggot!!! Hahahaha, but that is the past…..remember 😉 sag ya pants to that… P.S. ya ancestors were pussies, that's why they got there ass whipped…

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